What if symptoms were actually part of the solution?

by Megan Otto ‘From the moment we are born the body has an intelligence system designed to look after us’ ‘Hey you up there!  See that rash, growth, sneeze? It’s a message from your body. Are you listening?!’ Kim Knight, health and personal development coach explains symptoms are intelligent communication from the body to the head. “We are brought up …

Letting go of wanting to be well to get well

What if getting well required you to give up wanting to get well? By Kim Knight www.artofhealth.co.nz In my experience, one of the biggest blocks to getting well is trying to get better without learning the lesson the illness or health condition is trying to teach us. Symptoms are not random events, the body has not made a mistake in …

The true meaning of health vs disease

This article is part one of a series demonstrating the necessity of understanding the reasons BEHIND illness in order to successfully improve wellness at work. This will also help understand the rising new phenomenom of ‘presenteeism’ – employees who turn up for work who are not present, functional or productive’.

Nervous Breakdown or Breakthrough?

What I eventually learnt was that a mental breakdown can actually be a mental breakthrough. A breakthrough to a new level of consciousness, a new world view, a new perception of reality. And in order for that to happen, the old has to be demolished, just like an old building has to be demolished before a new one can be built….