From 2019 most events will be listed on my EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY ACADEMY training website. 

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Online Summits

Tune in to the ‘High Vibe Stress Less’ Summit!

4-12 December 2018

17-day online virtual summit: ‘High Stress to High Vibe’ Discover what you REALLY need to do to dramatically lower your stress and skyrocket your confidence for a HIGH vibe life. Launching 12 December 2018

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Join me and other speakers on The SHIFT Energy Medicine and Healing Summit 2019

8 – 21 April 2019

Details coming soon!

Discover Cutting-Edge Energy Practices & Unleash Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal. Tap into your inner resources to treat ailments and illnesses, restore health, increase vitality, and prevent disease.

Traditional Western medicine focuses on diagnosing symptoms and treating you from the outside. Energy medicine unlocks your life force to heal you from the inside — and addresses the root causes of illness.

For thousands of years, practitioners around the world have activated the body’s natural healing processes — through clearing meridians, balancing qi, healing touch, utilizing Ayurvedic medicine, shamanic practices, applying hands-on healing such as Reiki, and many other modalities.

In fact, the two pair beautifully to support and revitalize your WHOLE being.

A unique online gathering designed to introduce you to a smorgesboard of healing modalities and discourses around energy healing, with 30 speakers over 5 days.

Registration coming in 2019

Catch me as a speaker on the Great Health Now Summit

29 Jan – 11 Feb 2018

You know how important great health is. If you’re tired or stressed or overwhelmed or have issues such as poor digestion or brain fog, it’s nearly impossible to focus on work or growing your business (much less all the details running a life). That’s why I was so excited to be a part of the summit, “Great Health NOW!” with Health and Mindset Coach, Jodi Geline. It’s a complimentary online video summit where more than 20 experts, including me, come together to share our strategies and tools for creating great health, feeling confident in your body, and putting fun back in your life.

Great Health Now: Hear from experts in the fields of health and wellness, fitness, self-love, creating resilience, moving past limiting beliefs and more…

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Catch me as a speaker on the Ageless Body Summit

15-30 Jan 2018

Listen and watch REAL, short and poignant conversations with experts who have overcome their own challenges and have helped thousands of people just like you lead passionate, healthy and ageless lives!

Your Ageless Body: Discover the age defying secrets to looking and feeling more vibrant everyday! A series for women who want to know the secrets to looking and feeling vibrant and ageless.

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Catch me as a speaker on the Fit Body Fab Life Summit

15-30 Jan 2018

15-30 Jan 2018

Fit Body, Fab life: how successful women lose weight even though they are super busy.

A no fluff, no impossible expectations, no unrealistic sacrifice training! Real weight-loss for busy, modern women! Get the body you want (no matter how busy you are).

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Catch me as a speaker on the Selfcare for Women Summit Dec 2017

An online event for introverted women who are supporters, helpers, caregivers who usually neglect themselves while taking care of others. Learn self-care tips and tools and why this is so important in your daily life, especially in times of personal and family crisis.

Can you relate? Is this you?
If so do join me on this summit…

LPPRO Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation Training

Learn the Art and Science of Self-Healing and start writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Find root-cause emotions & conflicts of 1,000 symptoms quickly
Improve health outcomes with Body-Mind-Social Analysis
Write root-cause based Lifestyle Prescription® Health Plans
40 course modules – Study online anytime, anywhere.

Try out the Lifestyle Prescriptions Training for FREE (limited time only) and then get 70% off (limited time only)

View the details of the Lifestyle Prescriptions Training

Catch me as a speaker on the Vibrant Brain Summit Oct 2017

What if I told you that you could reverse the aging process in your brain AND your body, without medication or expensive medical procedures?

What if I told you that you can literally reboot your brain (and consequently, every system in your body) … naturally? Would you be interested in learning HOW??

Catch me as a speaker on the Vibrant Health Summit Oct 2017

Learn tips for trusting your body, finding your own inner healing master, knowing how to nurture your body, providing yourself the right well-being atmosphere, dealing with a mindset and much, much more… A free video interview series – 21 consecutive days – Knowledge, experience and wisdom secrets from industry leaders and coaches.

Catch me as a speaker on the Creative Dreams Global Summit

Those dreams you once had, what happened to them? Sign up for the Creative Dreams Global Summit to see dozens of experts talk about the obstacles to following our creative dreams and what we can do to overcome them. This free online event runs September 18th-24th, 2017.

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Catch me as a speaker on the The Fasting Summit

Fasting is the new feasting!

Join Kim and 30+ world-class speakers as they share their expertise on this worldwide summit. Watch for free.

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Catch me on the World Premier of the Film ‘Lifestyle Medicine’

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Catch me as a speaker on the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Summit

Learn how to take control of your health and life from the inside out. Learn how to reverse symptoms of chronic illness without external aids such as medication or supplements…

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Catch me as a speaker on the Global Health Summit – A New Approach to Weightloss

Join Kim and other experts as they share Easy Strategies PROVEN To…
Help Lose Weight, End Emotional Eating, & Master Your Mindset!

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Catch me as a speaker on the Your Best Self Summit

It’s not WHAT we eat but HOW and WHY we eat that matters.

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Why is it that some people can enjoy eating any food while others continue to struggle?
Is it possible to leave behind procrastination and self-defeating habits and learn the formulas that make you happy in your own skin? In this series we look closely at what’s behind the curtain of eating issues. The lessons shared have the capacity to shake the negative thoughts right out of your brain and replace them with stop-overeating ideas.

Catch me as a speaker on the Energy Medicine Summit

Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal

During The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, April 3-7, 2017, you’ll discover exactly how to take your health into your own hands (literally!) and transform your wellbeing from the inside out.

Catch me as a speaker on the Womens Wellness Council

MARCH 2017
A special feminine wisdom gathering: The Women’s Wellness Council ~ Heal Chronic Illness the Feminine Way – a free five-day interview series featuring inspiring and catalytic conversations with twenty pioneers of healing and feminine awakening.

In my interview I will explain:
– understand how to heal from chronic illness caused by childhood trauma
– clear negative emotions and toxins from the internal organs
– discover your true worth so you can shine your light and fulfil your purpose

Miscellaneous Events

LP Annual Professional Training


12-Month Certification Training

Become A Root-Cause Specialist And Create A Business Around What You Love. Join me and other world-class trainers in learning the newest and most exciting form of medicine on the planet today! Lifestyle Medicine Prescriptions.

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Thyroid Documentary Series

MARCH 2017

Have you tried everything to figure out your unexplained weight gain, brain fog, tiredness, listlessness, emotional roller coasters, depression…?

Watch ‘The Thyroid Secret’ 9-part Docuseries online.

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Free Personal Development


“Grow Limitless” Free Gifts Giveaway

Free resources and gifts from personal development experts to help you improve yourself in all areas of life without unnecessary time and money being expended.

Take me to the Limitless Valley Free Gifts Offer

Lifestyle Prescriptions TV

October 2016 – Launch of Lifestyle Prescriptions TV
Watch 500+ exclusive Lifestyle Medicine, Self-Healing video clips and use the precision of Lifestyle Prescriptions to heal your Body, Mind & Life. Try out LPTV 7 Days for FREE…

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The Genetics Summit – Interpret your DNA!

Do you know who you are? Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine that will help you evolve into a healthier, happier life!

Learn best practices for using genetic/genomic information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health!

Don’t miss The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit from August 21-28, 2017, free and online!

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The Immune Defense Summit

Tips, strategies and secrets for rejuvenating your immune system and neutralizing the threat of superbugs, pandemics, viruses and other chronic infections!

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On Demand Webinars

How to beat menopausal weightgain webinar

Click here to access and watch the webinar now

Need a Speaker?

I regularly speak at medical conferences, seminars and workshops, and run online webinars which allow you to attend from anywhere in the world. If you need an inspirational speaker on any of the following topics, contact me!

  • How to eliminate stress from your life
  • How to tap into your intuition
  • How to clear negative emotions with ease
  • How to maintain work-life balance
  • How to stop bullies and intimidation
  • How to be assertive and self-confident
  • How to heal without drugs

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How would you like to feel...
– Free from crisis and overwhelm…

so you can do what you have always enjoyed and achieve your full potential?

– Rested and rejuvenated each morning…

instead of fatigued, foggy and at the end of your tether?

– Happy and content from the inside out…

and rekindle that love for activities you once enjoyed without sadness, anxiety or depression?

When you have a transformational coach who can empower you and point you in the right direction paired cutting edge techniques, it’s a recipe for success!

No more brain fog!
“I have loads more energy than before and best of all no brain fog.” Harry, Auckland, age 40 yrs

A Quantum Leap and A New Me
“I have made such a quantum leap…it was fairly bursting out of me! I am looking forward to and am enjoying the new me.” Agnes, age 54yrs, Whangarei

I’m sleeping better!
“I’ve had very few symptoms and I’m sleeping so much better – feel great!” Joan, age 45yrs, Hastings

You have helped to change my whole life
“I wanted to write to you for a while now and say to you that I am 100% healthy and have not even had a cold since our last session!! Isn’t that amazing. People ask me if I think I actually had chronic fatigue as they don’t believe that I could have recovered completely in such a short period!! Thank you so much, please know that you have helped to change my whole life.” MH, New Zealand

Custom-Made Workshops

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