The true meaning of health vs disease

This article is part one of a series demonstrating the necessity of understanding the reasons BEHIND illness in order to successfully improve wellness at work. This will also help understand the rising new phenomenom of ‘presenteeism’ – employees who turn up for work who are not present, functional or productive’.

Do you really want to heal or ‘just get rid of’ your symptoms?

True healing involves delving a lot deeper than just expecting someone to ‘fix’ you and your symptoms. It involves getting actively involved in your healing process so that you learn why your body has become ‘dis-eased’. The additional benefit of this is that as you start to do this, you become less preoccupied with eradicating symptoms and more interested in your own healing journey and what I call ‘the bigger picture of life’. You start to see that you are actually on this earth to EVOLVE, to change, to transform, and ultimately to become a better you.