Professional Training

When people ask me 'what do you do?' and 'what is your training?' it's tricky to answer in one sentence, and this is why:

With 25 years of solid professional training behind me in multiple modalities, what I do is so revolutionary compared to what we are normally familiar with in terms of the 'conventional' system of healthcare, which tends to focus on treating symptoms rather than cause, that it can be challenging to grasp these new concepts. 

Since 1997 I have trained in New Zealand, USA and UK in a number of cutting-edge health modalities, all of which focus on identifying the absolute emotional-stress root cause of the problem, and then applying techniques to bring the body back to health as naturally as possible.

If I was to sum up the main roles or titles they would look like this:

Health Coach Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Lifestyle Prescriptions Practitioner Green Prescriptions Practitioner Health Educator Health Trainer Functional Medicine Practitioner Counsellor Psychotherapist Psychologist Wake-up Call Coach Self Awareness Coach Life Coach Psycho-Neuro-Immunology Practitioner Energy Psychologist Energy Healer De-Stress Expert Emotional Intelligence Trainer Chronic Illness Recovery Expert Chronic Fatigue and Pain Expert Professional Speaker
'We heal people, not illness. We heal a whole person's life, not a health condition'
Kim Knight

TKM - The Power to Transform

After 25 years of personal journeying and discovery, plus years of CPD and professional training, TKM therapy evolved itself from an amalgamation of all the therapies and techniques I had learned and used for myself and others.

When undergoing a program of transformation it is useful to remember there are 3 core factors which allow for optimal results:

  1. The ability to match the right therapy or technique to each person's unique needs
  2. The therapist's ability to deliver a therapy or technique effectively, which comes through practice, experience and intuition
  3. The client's commitment to change and willingness to be open to new concepts

<p>Below is a summary of the various methods I have trained in and used over the past 25 years, all of which formed the foundation out of which TKM was born.

All coaching sessions are offered remotely which means distance is no object and we can meet anywhere in the world!</p>

Founder - TKM

TTKM is a methodology which focuses on identifying and clearing symptoms of emotional, mental and physical pain through her signature TKM root cause analysis protocol and TKM life transformation protocols.

TKM life transformation is built on the principles of the '9 pillars of health mastery' which encompass 9 specific life areas which must be managed and mastered in order to establish and maintain authentic health and wellbeing. These life areas include management of: stress, emotions, mind, self-care, people management, lifestyle habits, energy, trauma resolution and spirit.

Moativational Medicine Advocate

Energy psychology techniques for identifying and clearing the cause of illness and pain. This method really goes to the heart of the 'emotional intelligence of physical illness'.

“As a practitioner of the Moativational Medicine™ model, Kim continues to demonstrate a commendable commitment to learning, sharing and applying its philosophy, art, science and practice. This, when combined with her other disciplines and training, perhaps explains why she receives the client testimonials that she does.”
Richard D Moat, Creator of Moativational Medicine™

Ren Xue Human Life Science

Ren Xue means 'human life science'. The training and study of Ren Xue teaches you self-healing techniques and how to evolve your consciousness in order to operate at a higher level of functioning as a human being. The ultimate goal of Ren Xue is self-realization and wisdom.

Kim is a fully qualified Ren Xue Yuan Gong teacher and practitioner having completed the 6 year training program with Master Yuan Tze.

Yuan Ming Medicine

Yuan Ming Medicine is the Jing (body) Qi (energy ) and Shen (consciousness) branch of Ren Xue human life science and life cultivation.

Yuan Ming Medicine uses Qi healing and consciousness transformation techniques to transform physical illness and life problems.

Kim is a fully qualified Ren Xue Yuan Ming Medicine practitioner, having completed the full 6 year training program.

Yuan Gong Instructor

Yuan Gong is a simple and effective Qigong system which uses the mind, breath, movement and posture to effective continuous positive changes in Qi, in order to elevate health and consciousness. It was developed by Master Yuan Tze, an advanced Qigong Teacher.

Kim is a fully qualified Yuan Gong Qigong teacher, having completed the 6 year teacher training program, certified to teach all 9 levels of Yuan Gong.

Advanced Clearing Energetics Practitioner

A simple technique which clears the stress and trauma which causes dis-ease. ACE gets to the core of stressful life events effortlessly, allowing you to easily learn from the event, transform it, and remove the “stuck energy” from your body, sometimes in minutes. Once gone, your body can automatically return to its natural state of health, which is something it’s always known how to do, and you no longer need to repeat the same old situations.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Lifestyle Prescriptions® is a cutting-edge technique for identifying the root cause of symptoms through accurately pinpointing the exact stress emotional conflict theme which correlate to a specific symptom or diagnosis.  This means that if you have been diagnosed by a doctor with 'xyz' symptom or diagnosis, rather than having no idea as to why you have this symptom or illness, you can accurately discern the exact emotional root cause stressor which caused the body to create those symptoms. This is Louise Hay on steroids! Check out this page for Lifestyle Prescriptions® learning and training options. 

mBIT Multiple Brain Integration Coach

mBIT multiple brain integration technique is all about learning how to use all 3 brains for health and happiness. It helps to keep you in integrity with yourself, follow your intuition and be guided by the infinite wisdom and intelligence of your body-mind.

"Having someone like yourself, with your passion, expertise and experience, be part of the mBIT Community is really fantastic".
Grant Soosalu, Co-Founder and Co-Creator of mBIT

Meta Health Coach

META-Health is a revolutionary SCIENCE-BASED new methodology which transforms your health beliefs and understanding around dis-ease and health.

If you want to understand how specific stress triggers, traumas, conflict shocks, emotions and beliefs affect your physical health, this modality has the potential to transform your understanding of what causes illness.

Loving your Life Coach and Facilitator

Loving your Life is a year long training that shows you how to 'love your life' more!

Created by mBIT co-founder Grant Soosalu, it shows you how to take control over your health and wellbeing. Kim was one of the first coaches to be trained in the 'Loving your Life' method.

Birth into Being

Birth into Being is a unique method of self-development which enables us to alter the unwanted and limiting side-effects of stressful or traumatic events we've all experienced during the course of our life, opening us up to new possibilities which we were not able to see before.

The Emotion Code - Practitioner

A technique for identifying and clearing the emotional causation of physical pain, emotional trauma and symptoms of unhappiness. Developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify trapped energy or emotion in the cells which is creating pain or illness, and then clears the energy using a magnet. Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via phone / skype.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School has been synonymous with excellence in education, research and clinical care for generations.

Kim is currently studying part-time through distance learning at Harvard Medical School, with a focus on Lifestyle Medicine.

Zhineng Qigong Instructor

Zhineng Qigong is a system of medical Qigong developed by Qigong Master Professor Pang Ming.

Kim is a fully qualified Zhineng Qigong instructor having completed the full 8 level 3 year teacher training.

Chi Nei Tsang and Taoist Healing Energetics Practitioner

Between 2000 and 2008 I trained with Gilles Marin and the Taoist School of Healing Energetics in Berkely, California.

The focus was on Chi Nei Tsang, internal organs Chi massage, plus healing meditations to clear the body and organs of built-up emotional and physical toxins.

Universal Healing Tao Qigong and Meditation Instructor

The Universal Healing Tao is an ancient system of self-healing techniques passed down for centuries. It compasses a number of meditation techniques and moving postures designed to clear the body of emotional and physical toxins.

In particular I specialized in the Inner Smile meditation, 6 Healing Sounds meditation, Fusion of the Five Elements meditation, Iron Shirt Qigong, Chi Nei Tsang and other techniques.

Other Therapeutic Training

In addition, I have trained in various other modalities, the theory of which all blend to allow me to offer the most comprehensive approach to healthcare possible.

  • AHA Energy Realignment
  • Feng Shui
  • NES Health
  • Ayurveda
  • Zero Balancing
  • Holistic Pulsing
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Integrative Awareness
  • Yoga
  • Reflexology
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • Zhineng Qigong
  • Universal Healing Tao Qigong
  • First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
  • Perelandra Flower Essences
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Shiatsu
  • and more

Therapies experienced as a client

Sometimes people find it hard to believe me when I say I tried over 200 therapies on my exploration to wellness. This is why when people come to me and say "I've tried everything" I usually say "no you really haven't"!

I have personally tried, tested and used over 200 therapies, so I really know what is out there, what works, and what sometimes doesn't work.

In particular, after the first Kiwi Health Detective Breakthrough Session, I know what therapy to recommend to you specifically, and this is most important, because everyone is unique, and you need to find what is right for you 🙂.

(In alphabetical order and therapies trained to professional level in bold)
  1. Access Bars
  2. AHA Energy Realignment
  3. Acupressure
  4. Affirmations
  5. Advanced Clearing Energetics ACE
  6. Astanga Yoga
  7. 5 Rhythms Moving Meditation
  8. 6 Healing Sounds Meditation
  9. Acupuncture
  10. Art Therapy
  11. African Drumming
  12. Alexander Technique
  13. Amazonian Shamanic Healing
  14. Aromatherapy
  15. Art Therapy
  16. Aura-Soma
  17. Australian Bush Flower Essences
  18. Avatar Assessment
  19. Ayurveda
  20. Aura Healing
  21. Ayurveda Shirodhara
  22. Ayurvedic Abhayanga
  23. Balinese Massage
  24. Bio Energy Detox Foot Spa
  25. Bach Flower Remedies
  26. Belly Dancing
  27. Bikram Yoga
  28. Birth into Being
  29. Bioresonance Therapy
  30. Body Balance
  31. Body Talk Systems
  32. Bowen Therapy
  33. California Flowers
  34. Chiropractor
  35. Chi Kung Qi Gong
  36. Chi Nei Tsang
  37. Chakra Balancing
  38. Channelling
  39. Chi Reflexology
  40. Chinese Massage
  41. Clinical Hypnotherapy
  42. Colonic Hydrotherapy / Irrigation
  43. Chinese Astrology
  44. Chinese Herbal Medicine
  45. Counselling
  46. Craniosacral Therapy
  47. Crystal Energy Healing
  48. Crystal Bowl Therapy
  49. Dance Movement Therapy
  50. Di Yuan
  51. Didgeree Doo Sound Healing
  52. Dietitian
  53. Dream Work/Interpretation
  54. Dry Brushing
  55. Electro-Acupuncture
  56. EMF Balancing Technique
  57. AAWSM Emotional Clearing Technique
  58. Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT
  59. Energetic/ Energy Healing
  60. EVA Machine
  61. Esoteric Astrology
  62. Orgone Method
  63. Energy Medicine
  64. Energy Psychology
  65. Enhances Awareness Program EAP
  66. Esalen Massage
  67. Eurythmy Therapy
  68. Facial Diagnostics
  69. Family Constellations
  70. Fascial Kinetics
  71. Fasting
  72. Feng Shui
  73. Feldenkrais
  74. Five Tibetan Rites
  75. Five Element Nutrition
  76. Flower Essence Therapy
  77. Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation
  78. First Light Flower Essence Therapy
  79. Geomancy
  80. Gestalt Therapy
  81. Heal Your Life
  82. Hatha Yoga
  83. HeartMath
  84. Hemaview Live Blood Analysis
  85. Heller Work
  86. Holistic Pulsing
  87. Holographic Reimprinting
  88. Hot Stone Massage
  89. I-Ching Readings
  90. Inner Smile Meditation
  91. Hatha Yoga
  92. Healing Buddha Palms Qi Gong
  93. Heartbreath
  94. Homeopathy
  95. Holistic Pulsing
  96. Hot Stone Therapy
  97. Holotropic Breathwork
  98. Huna Training
  99. Hypnotherapy
  100. Indian Head Stone Massage
  101. Inner Child Therapy
  102. Integrated Awareness
  103. Iron Shirt Qi Gong
  104. Jin Shin Jyustu
  105. Juice Therapy
  106. Iridology
  107. Ka Huna Massage
  108. Karsai Nei Tsang
  109. Ki Massage
  110. Kinesiology
  111. Kahuna Bodywork
  112. Kuan Yin Qi Gong
  113. Kriya Yoga
  114. Kundalini Yoga
  115. Laughter Yoga
  116. Life Coaching
  117. Live Blood Analysis
  118. Lymphatic Massage Technique
  119. Lomi Lomi Massage
  120. Magnetic Healing
  121. Massage
  122. Manual Body Zapper
  123. Matrix Reimprinting
  124. Meditation
  125. Meta Health
  126. Mexican Temezcal
  127. Merkaba Meditation
  128. Melchiezadek Method
  129. Mexican Shamanic Healing
  130. Mickel Therapy
  131. Moativational Medicine
  132. Moxibustion
  133. Myofascial Release Therapy
  134. Multiple Brain Integration mBIT
  135. Natural Vision Improvement
  136. NES Assessment & Treatment
  137. Neuro Link
  138. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
  139. Naturopathy
  140. Numerology
  141. Oracle Card Reading
  142. Osteopath
  143. Osho Dynamic Meditation
  144. Palm Energy Reading
  145. Past Life Regression Therapy
  146. Physiotherapist
  147. Polarity Therapy
  148. Power of Sound Chris James
  149. Pilates
  150. Phoenix Rising Yoga
  151. Psychosynthesis Counselling
  152. Plant Spirit Medicine
  153. Psychodrama
  154. Pranic Healing
  155. PSYCH-K
  156. Psychics
  157. Psychotherapy
  158. Quodoushka
  159. Qigong
  160. Qi Healing
  161. Quantum Dynamics
  162. Raw Food Consultant
  163. Reconnective Healing
  164. Regression Therapy
  165. Rebirthing
  166. Reflexology
  167. Reiki
  168. Ren Yuan
  169. Relaxation Breathing
  170. Rolfing
  171. Runes
  172. Sanskrit Studies
  173. Satsang
  174. Samoan Massage
  175. Scenar Therapy
  176. Seichim Healing
  177. Shamanic Healing
  178. Speaking Circles
  179. Soul Retrieval
  180. Shiatsu
  181. Su Jok
  182. Shirohdara ayurveda
  183. Sound Therapy
  184. Sweatlodge Ceremony
  185. Tai Chi
  186. Tarot Card Reading
  187. Thai Massage
  188. The Body Code
  189. The Form of Bernie Prior
  190. Flower of Life Workshops
  191. The Emotion Code
  192. The Journey Brandon Bays
  193. Tao Yin Yoga
  194. Tan Tien Qigong
  195. Tian Yuan
  196. Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy
  197. Timeline Therapy
  198. The Work of Byron Katie
  199. Theta Healing/ Adv Theta Healing
  200. Tissue Salt therapy
  201. Transactional Analysis
  202. TRE Trauma Release Exercises
  203. Ultra Violet
  204. Tuning Fork
  205. Totality Healing
  206. Voice Dialogue
  207. Yuan Gong
  208. Yuan Ming Medicine
  209. Xia Yuan 
  210. Watsu
  211. Wu Tao - The Dancing Way
  212. Zhineng Qigong
  213. Zero Balancing