Find the cause of your unexplained health or unhappiness issues. One consultation could change your life.

The TKM Breakthrough Experience

There is more to health than simply the absence of illness.
Do you never feel 100%?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing helps?
Do you want a holistic solution that addresses the cause rather than just skimming over the symptoms?

Then the TKM Breakthrough Experience is for you.

What do you want from your life?

Are you being held back from having a happy fulfilled life by constant health problems?
Do you want to feel whole again, to be able to move forward in life, breaking any negative cycles?
Do you want to take control of your health and life?

This breakthrough experience may work for you if:

• You are constantly sick or in pain
• Regularly you feel overwhelmed, stressed or unable to cope
• You are exhausted and feel burned out or stuck
• You have tried every conventional treatment and nothing has helped
• Other people walk all over you, leaving you feeling helpless, frustrated and powerless
• You have been diagnosed with a debilitating fatigue or pain condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, PVFS, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS or any other chronic illness
• You are always tired, and never seem to sleep well
• You suffer from anxiety or depression
• Your health issues are affecting your relationship, your career and your finances

How does TKM work?

Everyone has had struggles in their lives. Our past directly influences our future and if your past has had trauma, it can create future unhappiness. The mind, emotions and health are inextricably linked. Resolving the emotional cause resolves the physical problem.

TKM is a pioneering therapy which can be conducted remotely online. It quickly and accurately untangles the factors that contribute to your health or happiness issues. Just like the branches and leaves on a tree will die or wither if there is root damage, the symptoms of an illness will go away if you address the root cause. I focus on the person, not the illness.

Using a wide spectrum of tools developed from years of research and training, we work together to:

• Fill in the blanks and understanding the missing pieces in your life
• Understand how events in your life have contributed to your current unhappiness and illness
• Find the absolute root cause of your symptoms
• Discern what needs to happen to turn your life around
• Cultivate renewed hope that there is a solution and a way forward.

Know that you CAN have fullness of life free from mental, emotional, or physical pain.

Finding the cause of your symptoms can be a huge relief and is the first step to freedom from mental, emotional or physical pain or fatigue.

The TKM Breakthrough Experience also allows you to experience my coaching style. This means we can effectively develop a personalised plan. These solutions and techniques will lead you back to health and happiness.

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you want to transform your life, contact me now, and start taking control of your life and health. Gain fullness of health and life. Take advantage of solutions that have earned the TKM Breakthrough Experience a 100% success rate!
It’s time you do this for you. You deserve it. Begin your journey to health today.

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What is interesting is most life issues have the same root!

Imagine a tree with roots going deep into the ground, with many branches and leaves above the ground.  Then imagine each branch is a different area of your life (health, relationship, career, children, partner, finances, pleasure-leisure time etc).

Maybe some branches are looking quite healthy, whilst others are withering and dying, or maybe the whole tree looks like it’s on its last legs. Whilst it may look like each branch is separate, they all have one thing in common: they all connect into the trunk, and grow out from that trunk. The trunk in turn is connected invisibly underneath the ground to the roots. This is where the tree began it’s life – at the roots.

When we work together you will discover how the real cause of any unhappiness or health issues start at the roots, and this is what we reveal in our first foundation session.

Just like we cannot mend a broken car or stove without knowing why it’s broken, we must first of all have a very clear understanding of what is causing the problem. Even if you have tried many other avenues, if you are still experiencing problems, then there must be missing pieces, and this is what we discover in this first session.

Get started with the TKM Breakthrough Experience

The TKM Breakthrough Experience is where it all starts. Sessions are all held remotely anywhere in the world via phone or Skype. The first step is to fill in a few details…

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You have given me my life back!

“I feel like I have just been handed the keys to life. You have unlocked the whole key to my life!” Comment from a client one week after her first session, symptom-level reduced from 7 to nearly 0 (out of 10), after months off work and her doctors saying they didn’t know how to help her.