Root Cause Analysis and Lifestyle Medicine Training

If you’re a health professional, natural therapist or doctor interested in learning how to identify the root emotional-social-behavioural-belief-stress-trauma causes of illness, and how to reverse symptoms without medication, supplements or surgery, then you’ve come to the right place!

According to Harvard University, at least 80% of illness is stress-related. According to David Katz MD, Founding Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, if were we to fully apply what we know about lifestyle, “we could reduce heart disease rates by up to 80%; diabetes by 90%; and cancer by between 30% and 60%, with similarly stunning advances across a range of other conditions”

Root cause analysis and lifestyle medicine move even beyond functional medicine, which itself is considered one of the latest developments in medicine. This is because in lifestyle medicine we move beyond looking at a physical solution to a physical problem. In lifestyle medicine we take into account the whole person (mind, body, emotions, environment and more) to understand how ‘dis-ease’ turns into ‘disease’, and how by addressing the root ‘dis-ease’ the body can in many cases self-adjust back to health without the need for external interventions.

I have been learning and applying lifestyle medicine since 2006 with extraordinary results in clinical practice. Chronically ill clients have been able to reverse between 50% and 100% of severe symptoms just through stress, lifestyle, belief, habit and behaviourial changes.

Read below on a number of options for learning root cause analysis and lifestyle medicine.

And look out for details of my brand new ‘TKM Root Cause Analysis’ and ‘TKM Lifestyle Medicine’ trainings coming soon.

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