Presenter HINZ Health Informatics Conference 2017

November 2017, Rotorua.

Kim will be presenting 3 papers at the HINZ Health Informatics Conference 2017. Her topics include:

‘Online multi-speaker e-learning summits assist people to transform childhood trauma, stress and illness

‘Free informational e-health webinars teach to people how to prevent illness and improve and self manage their health and wellbeing’ and

‘Remote telehealth consultations help teenager overcome serious eating disorder by resolving hidden emotional trauma’.

Presenter New Zealand Clinical Research Conference 2017

August 2017, Auckland.

Kim was invited to present a paper on how online self-help programs help patients overcome chronic fatigue and pain conditions at the annual New Zealand Association of Clinical Research Conference in Auckland in August 2007. Professor Stubbs, President of NZARes commented “We cannot not be impressed by what you achieved”.

Presenter HINZ Conference 2016

October 2016.

In this presentation at the HINZ Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, Kim shares how telehealth remote consultations can help chronically ill clients recover their health, no matter where they are located in the world.

October 2016.

In this interview with Mobile Health at HINZ – the Health Informatics Conference in Auckland Kim shares what she feels is the ‘missing piece’ in healthcare today, and how even with all the latest technology in the world, if this issue is not addressed, our healthcare system cannot be either sustainable or effective.

October 2016.

Kim presented at HINZ – the Health Informatics Conference in Auckland, winning the SFT (Successes and Failures in Telehealth) Award for Best Paper. The topic of this presentation was delivering healthcare to chronically ill patients via telehealth, and delivering healthcare training to practitioners via telehealth.

October 2016.

In this interview with Mobile Health at HINZ – the Health Informatics Conference in Auckland Kim shares her unique approach to healthcare wherebye in her ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ session she reveals the root cause of illness with clients.

October 2016.

In this presentation at the HINZ 2016 Conference in Auckland Kim shares how an elderly lady who had been suffering for over 50 years with chronic fatigue and depression regained her health in just 6 months using one of Kim’s homestudy self-help programs.

Sample Speaking Topics

How emotions create physical illness

Why a virus is not the cause of chronic fatigue

Why we heal people not illness

Why chronic fatigue is often too much energy

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