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From 2019 most events will be listed on my EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY ACADEMY training website. 

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Emotional Alchemy Academy Events

NZ Spirit Fest - New Years Festival

Kumeu 31st Dec - 2 Jan 2019

Inspired by the hugely successful Bali Spirit Festival and Byron Spirit Festival, NZ Spirit Festival promises a vibrant celebration of well-being in all of its forms. Featuring local and international talent, this truly bespoke festival is centered around the enriching traditions of yoga, music, dance and knowledge-sharing.

Kawaipurapura, Albany, February 2019

See the Yoga Festival website for details.

NZ Yoga Festival

Flying Qigong: Tian Yuan

Learn the fundamentals of this simple and yet powerful Qigong practice which dispels negative energy, stills the mind and replenishes the body with clear pure life force energy (Qi) gathered from an infinite supply in the universe.

Managing Stress, Health and Well-Being for Lawyers

March 2019

Join Kim Knight as she examines the causes of stress and their impact on your practice and clients, while providing practical tips on how to manage stressful situations better.

Details coming soon

Chamber of Commerce Expo

3.30-7.30pm Wed 26 September 2018

Come and chat with Kim at the bi-annual Chamber of Commerce 'Table Top' event. Find out how you can uplevel creativity, work satisfaction and productivity through teaching staff how to implement simple, effective lifestyle changes.

See more details and register on the Chamber website here

SheEO Learning Lab is a series of live webinars and online resources for any woman who wants the skills and knowledge to grow as an intra/entrepreneur. Nearly 500 participants from over 32 countries tune in to SheEO learning lab.

Register here now. It's free.

Selfcare for Self empowerment

Taking Back Your Power.  Self-care as the Basis for Growth in Business and Life [Online Webinar]

11am Thurs 27 Sept NZ / 7pm Wed 26 Sept New York

In this Learning Lab, we will explore and provide insights on being more (not doing more):

  • Saying no without guilt
  • Kicking ‘imposter syndrome’ to the curb
  • Speaking authentically to have your voice be heard
  • How to interact with people treating you without respect
  • How letting go of perfection will lead to your next level of great work
  • Tapping into your intuition when it matters most
  • Developing your wisdom during moments of pain and upset
  • Practices to get you there (meditation etc)

October 27 2018, Queenstown [One Day Workshop]

Heal your body. Free your mind. Exercise your soul.

If you’re struggling to find answers to nagging health issues or just want to know more about the limitless powers of the universe and how you can lead your best possible life, then this is the event for you.

Join Kim and 3 other health professionals in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand for this one day event.

Full details and registration here.

Health, Healing and Happiness

The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness

Workshop outline with Kim:

The theme of our day is energy. Everything is energy: your mind, emotions, physical body and Soul are all energy.

Known as the Emotional Health Detective for her ability to isolate the root stress-emotional-belief causes of physical illness in record time, in this workshop you will learn how managing EMOTIONAL ENERGY is key to maintaining health and balance.

You will learn key emotional intelligence tactics including:

  • how to identify and recognize the 4 core families of emotions
  • how to clear any type of emotion in seconds without trauma or drama
  • how to identify and use your multiple brains
  • how to communicate your emotional needs in one easy sentence (part of Kim's signature 'Authentic Me' technique)
  • the 9 pillars of health mastery
  • and more!

Full details and registration here.

Manage your stress to avoid burnout [Webinar]

Wed 17 October 2018

Symptoms of upcoming burnout include exhaustion, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, pain, insomnia and more. After having burned out twice, resulting in 10 years unable to work, and costing her a cool $5 million dollars in loss of income and loss of home and life savings, Kim understands the consequences of burnout only too well. In this webinar Kim will explain how to identify, prevent and recover from burnout.

Register on the HRINZ website here

Recent and Past Events

In this weekend workshop Yuan Tze, world-renowned Qigong Master, teacher and healer, will shed light on the root causes of many health problems and help you gain insight on how to deal with them.

Kim has been studying Qigong, Ren Xue (Human Life Science) and Qi Healing with Master Qigong teacher Yuan Tze since 2009. She is a fully qualified Qigong teacher with Yuan Tze and will be an assistant on this workshop.

In this workshop, Yuan Tze would like to help people:

  • learn how to cultivate key qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude and true respect both internally and externally.
  • create a better life by adopting internal approaches that enable us to deal effectively with personal challenges from an emotional, mental, behavioral and interpersonal perspective.
  • move beyond practices which focus on the physical level to deeper, more comprehensive methods designed to fully unify the body, consciousness and self to generate tangible dramatic changes.
  • find tools to discern a clear path for self-development and to contribute in a positive way to progress in society.

For full details see the Yuan Tze Brighton event registration page. 

Expand your mind. Heal your body. Change your life.

Weekend Workshop with Qigong Master Yuan Tze

14 / 15 July Brighton, UK

Illness Prevention and Recovery [Webinar]

Wed 13 June 2018

In ancient China you only paid your doctor when you were well! If you were ill, it meant they had not done their job of showing you how to prevent illness. In this webinar you will learn practical, self care strategies and theories to maintain health and prevent illness. These same techniques will also help you reduce and clear symptoms if you have become unwell or are not feeling your best.

HRINZ website

Worry Free Me!

Learn how to let go of doubt, fear and worry in this practical online group training. Available now on demand here.

IHCS - International Holistic Cancer Symposium

24 & 25th March, 2018
AUT University of Technology, Auckland

The International Holistic Cancer Symposium (IHCS) is a regular conference organized by health professionals, with the goal of sharing scientific, evidence-based research on cancer prevention, management and support, and providing knowledge that encompasses treating the whole person, not just cancer tumours. It is a resource for all those who are interested in an evidence-based holistic approach to cancer.

The IHCS is for Governmental Agencies, Medical, Allied and CAM health practitioners, Cancer Support Organisations and Cancer NGO’s and Cancer patient lobby groups.

Speakers include leaders in their fields, from the United States, Australia and New Zealand: Bruce Lipton PhD, Jack Tips ND PhD, Dr Allan Frankel MD, Ty Bollinger, Glen Gillard ND, Dr Anna Goodwin MD, Dr Robin Kelly MD, Prof Bill Watson, Katherine Smith, Jon Eisen and Kim Knight.

Holistic Cancer Symposium

Abundance Mastery - One Light Gathering

Saturday 10 March
Auckland, New Zealand

Conference theme: create more Love, Wealth and Wellbeing in your life!

YOU are warmly invited to join our magical day for Mind – Body – Soul where you will experience:

Light-hearted yet enlightening presentations from experts
Sound Feasts – and yummie food too
Loving connection and laughter with your new like-minded ‘tribe’
Exciting guided visit to the enigmatic Kaimanawa Wall
Meditations, new useful information, joy … and much more!

One Light Gathering details and registration

Seminar: The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Symptoms

Do you know that symptoms and illness are not a mistake and carry hidden messages and meaning?

Do you know pain and fatigue are actually a GOOD thing and often indicate your body is trying to heal itself?

Join me at my free 'Kiwi Health Detective' seminar the Auckland Wellness Expo as I explain how to interpret what your body is telling you when it sends symptoms of pain, illness or fatigue.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can reverse chronic symptoms and pain when you know how to interpret what your body is telling you!

There are HEAPS of spot prizes and giveaways at the expo and in the run up if you check out the official Expo Facebook page.

One lucky person will win a private one-on-one ‘Kiwi Health Detective Coaching Session’ with me VALUED AT $500. This session allows you to discover the root cause of even the most complex illness or symptoms in just 90 minutes.

I also have heaps of other prizes to give away - check them out on my Facebook page too from 15 November!

Get your ticket here

Overcoming Loneliness - Mini Online Workshop


Do you ever feel lonely or know friends or family who feel alone? According to research loneliness can have series impact on our health, longevity and ability to enjoy life.

Join me for this ONCE ONLY LIVE online mini workshop on HOW TO OVERCOME LONELINESS. It's super affordable and is part of my new mini-monthly online workshop series.

Yes! Show me how to say goodbye to loneliness!

Need a Speaker?

I regularly speak at medical conferences, seminars and workshops, and run online webinars which allow you to attend from anywhere in the world. If you need an inspirational speaker on any of the following topics, contact me!

  • How to eliminate stress from your life
  • How to tap into your intuition
  • How to clear negative emotions with ease
  • How to maintain work-life balance
  • How to stop bullies and intimidation
  • How to be assertive and self-confident
  • How to heal without drugs

TIP: Stay in touch for event updates on Facebook or sign up to my enewsletter.

Lifestyle Medicine Film - World Premiere


The latest research in Lifestyle Medicine shows that heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many other chronic illnesses can be prevented and reversed by treating the root-cause and using lifestyle modification protocols.

"Lifestyle as medicine has the potential to prevent up to 80% of chronic disease; no other medicine can match that. In addition, it is potentially inexpensive and even cost-saving; free of all but good side effects; safe and appropriate for children and octogenarians alike. It is, quite simply, the best medicine we've got." David Katz MD, President American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Watch the film online free of charge now - and be sure to watch out for my brief appearance!

Watch the Film 'Lifestyle Medicine' Free Online Now

Lifestyle Medicine Summit

Attend Free Online Now!

The Lifestyle Medicine Summit is an online event that you can attend for FREE.

For 7 days you can watch and listen to several world-class expert presentations per day and you will get specific lifestyle modifications you can use right away in your life.

Topics include root-cause solutions on how to prevent and heal diabetes, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disease, cancer and many other health issues. You'll be totally empowered and walk away with step-by-step & practical protocols and solutions to improve your health and life.

Each presentation will be FREE to watch for 24 hours. Because of the life-changing content and protocols you also have the choice to upgrade and purchase the Summit VIP Self-Healing Package.

All presentations are 100% content without sales pitches and are focused on giving very specific step-by-step instructions and protocols to help increase awareness of the root-causes of illness, improve vitality, stimulate the self-healing mechanism and increase longevity. Register here or below now!

Register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit Free Online Now

Lifestyle Prescriptions TV

October 2016 - Launch of Lifestyle Prescriptions TV
Watch 500+ exclusive Lifestyle Medicine, Self-Healing video clips and use the precision of Lifestyle Prescriptions to heal your Body, Mind & Life. Try out LPTV 7 Days for FREE...

Tell me more about LPTV

Guest Speaker 'The Cafe' Dec 2016

Watch out on The Cafe (TV3) this December for Kim’s upcoming guest expert slot where she will be sharing some top tips for recovering from chronic illness.

Take me to The Cafe!

The Fasting Summit

October - November 2016
Join world-renowned experts on THE FASTING SUMMIT and learn how to fast safely and effectively to boost your health. The benefits of fasting are endless. Massive Value! Includes a bonus webinar with me on the 'metaphysical cause of physical symptoms', voted one of the top two most popular webinars on the 'Transform your Mind' summit earlier this year!

Show me the way to the fasting summit!

Presenter HINZ Conference 2016

October 2016
I will be presenting at HINZ - the Health Informatics Conference in Auckland, where the topic is the evolving digital age of healthcare!

Tell me more about the HINZ Conference
How would you like to feel...
- Free from crisis and overwhelm...

so you can do what you have always enjoyed and achieve your full potential?

- Rested and rejuvenated each morning...

instead of fatigued, foggy and at the end of your tether?

- Happy and content from the inside out...

and rekindle that love for activities you once enjoyed without sadness, anxiety or depression?

When you have a transformational coach who can empower you and point you in the right direction paired cutting edge techniques, it’s a recipe for success!

No more brain fog!
"I have loads more energy than before and best of all no brain fog." Harry, Auckland, age 40 yrs

A Quantum Leap and A New Me
"I have made such a quantum leap...it was fairly bursting out of me! I am looking forward to and am enjoying the new me." Agnes, age 54yrs, Whangarei

I'm sleeping better!
"I’ve had very few symptoms and I’m sleeping so much better – feel great!" Joan, age 45yrs, Hastings

You have helped to change my whole life
"I wanted to write to you for a while now and say to you that I am 100% healthy and have not even had a cold since our last session!! Isn't that amazing. People ask me if I think I actually had chronic fatigue as they don't believe that I could have recovered completely in such a short period!! Thank you so much, please know that you have helped to change my whole life." MH, New Zealand

Custom-Made Workshops

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