TKM - A new era in healthcare

The Knight Method (TKM) is a health approach which achieves a number of outcomes:

  • Firstly it identifies the root emotional-stress-trauma-belief-behavioural causes of symptoms and illness
  • Secondly it teaches clients how to restore and optimize health as naturally as possible, ie with as little external intervention (medication, supplements, surgery etc)
  • It empowers clients to take charge of their wellbeing whilst reducing overall healthcare costs for themselves and society at large

TKM is the result of 30 years exploration, research and application into the fundamental cause of illness, and what is needed to restore health on all levels of a person’s being (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, Soul).

It is a truly wholistic approach to healthcare where rather than only trying to fix the end-result (symptoms), instead the whole person - including their whole life - is addressed.

This approach is based on the premise that 'we heal people not illness, we heal a whole person's life, not a health condition'

Root Cause Solutions

Solutions centre around eliminating original traumas which have caused the body-mind to get locked into stress, fear, negative emotions and negative thinking, as well as changing unconscious lifestyle behaviours which have unwittingly forced the body to turn ‘dis-ease’ into disease. These solutions are effected through the 9 pillars of health mastery (see below).

One of the main focuses of the TKM approach is to give clients tools, techniques and strategies to take charge of their own health. This is true empowerment and puts healthcare firmly back in the clients’ hands.

The benefits of such an approach are many fold, including:

  • a reduction in overall healthcare costs for the client as overall therapist fees and insurance premiums are reduced
  • a sense of empowerment and self-mastery as the client is able to manage, prevent and reduce their own symptoms
  • a reduction in fear around illness as clients come to understand the natural intelligence of symptoms, and learn how to interpret the underlying metaphysical (‘beyond physical’) meaning of symptoms
  • a move from clients expecting their therapist to be someone to ‘fix’ them, to instead understanding their therapist is there to teach them how to operate their body-mind
  • an increase in self-worth, self-esteem, self-value, self-confidence and self-empowerment as clients clear limiting beliefs and old hurts which have kept them physically or psychologically sick
  • a move to a more sustainable form of healthcare which reduces the burden on the public healthcare system and government spending

3 Options

There are three main components to TKM:

  1. TKM Root cause analysis identifies the root cause of the problem first
  2. TKM Lifestyle medicine delivers solutions to reverse the problem 
  3. TKM for Health Professionals trains health professionals to use TKM with their clients

9 Pillars of Health Mastery

TKM Lifestyle medicine is composed of 9 branches which are referred to as the ‘9 levels of health mastery’. Each of these 'pillars' is a key area in a clients' life which must be addressed in order to effect an holistic result:

  1. Stress management
  2. Emotional management
  3. Lifestyle management
  4. People management
  5. Self management
  6. Trauma healing
  7. Energy management
  8. Mind management
  9. Spiritual management

The 9 Pillars in detail

The 9 pillars in detail are:

  1. Stress management – the ability to identify and reduce or eradicate internal (mind / thoughts / emotions) and external (people / situations) stressors
  2. Emotional management – the ability to identify negative emotions and clear them from the body-mind
  3. Lifestyle management – the ability to manage one’s everyday work-life balance for optimal health
  4. People management – the ability to manage difficult people and situations in one’s life so that stress and emotions are minimized and cleared
  5. Self management – the ability to look after oneself on a daily basis through self care and self love
  6. Trauma healing – the clearing of emotional trauma and shocks from the past which have been stored in the cells
  7. Energy management – the ability to manage, replenish and increase one’s energy reserves so that energy is not drained away daily
  8. Mind management – the ability to manage one’s thoughts, mind patterns, patterns of thinking in a positive, optimistic, uplifting manner
  9. Spiritual management – the ability to live authentically, to be in touch with one’s passion and follow one’s purpose

The Birth of TKM

TKM - The Knight Method of Transformation - is the result of 3 main experiences:

  1. Personal experience (of self-healing)
  2. Professional Training (in multiple cutting-edge root-cause therapies)
  3. Clinical Experience (in applying cutting-edge strategies with clients and seeing results)

To explain these 3 in detail:

  1. My personal experience of recovery from long-term chronic illness which severely incapacitated my life, including being unable to work for 10 years, and losing my home and life savings in my efforts to find answers.
    Over a period of 20 years I tried over 220 therapies and trained in 30 modalities to professional level in my own search for answers. Originally I had no intention of being a practitioner, I just wanted to get myself well.
  2. Professional training in 30 different cutting-edge modalities (see below) which understand the importance of root cause identification of symptoms plus addressing the totality of a person on all levels – mind, body, energy, emotions and Soul.
  3. Clinical experience working with hundreds of clients over a number of years where the effectiveness of what did and didn’t work was proven. Out of this developed an understanding of the 9 key life areas which must be addressed to effect holistic healing, including specific strategies and exercises clients must either be taken through or take themselves through in order to restore health.