What people say about working with Kim

I understand! You want to know ‘will it work for me?’.

The most frequent questions I am asked are ‘how will I know you can help me when I have tried so many things‘? or ‘what guarantee can you give that you can help me‘? The truth is, I cannot give any guarantees, and no health professional, including doctors, are legally or ethically able to do so.

However, what I can say is is this: the strategies and techniques I have been teaching clients work if they are applied, as long as you are committed to your process, and willing to do what it takes to change your situation. All the healing takes place inside of you, with me as the guide.

Since 2006 I have been working clients, helping them overcome a variety of chronic health and unhappiness issues such as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional trauma and more. You can overcome any challenge with the right guidance and commitment!

But rather than taking my word for it, read what some of my clients have to say…

Get rid of anxiety, depression, sickness

My life was in ruins. Now I’m studying to be a doctor.

In this video Sebastian shares how he overcame his chronic pain and fatigue in a few short weeks, and was able to start living his life fully and start fulfilling his dreams and goals.

My husband and I would not be together still without your help

In this interview Kim speaks with Fiona about the changes she experienced over a 6 month period. Before Fiona worked with Kim she was mostly bed-bound, unable to look after her children and she and her husband had had to sell their house to move in with family because she was so incapacitated with pain and fatigue. She had been hospitalised several times and told my multiple medical doctors and specialists there was no understanding for her chronic symptoms. Listen to the remarkable changes she experienced in just a few short months, not only in her health, but also her personal life…

You are an expert in this field

“I have worked with so many therapists and tried so many things, and I have never worked with anybody like you. You’re really smart, you cut through the bullshit of whatever my mind is creating to label it, but at the same time you’re humble and you’re with me as an equal. It’s really, really powerful for me. You are an expert in this field. I love working with you and you are making a difference in my life. I hope you know that. You make a difference. You are awesome at what you do. I have been ungoing huge changes since our last session” SM, Canada

Without Kim our daughter would probably not be alive

“I cannot speak highly enough of Kim. I can honestly say that without her there is a very real chance our daughter would not be with us today. By the time I found Kim our daughter’s battle with anorexia was desperate. She was within days of death.There have been three key things involved with our daughter’s recovery and Kim was one of these. Every day I am thankful for Kim – what she has done for our daughter and what this means to us as a family and me as a mum”. AN, New Zealand

I now understand depression is not a weakness

The following comment came after a six week program of Mickel Therapy:

“I understand now that depression is a de-pression of emotions not a weakness and an inability to cope. I am able to identify emotions and act accordingly so that I remain in a healthy balanced state, this understanding has been very powerful. The five step process of identifying emotion was the most useful for me, I had been so used to missing thing critial step of knowing how I felt – I had felt before that some emotions were bad such as anger and so I had disallowed anger from my life, this caused me to supress it to the point where I would feel a symptom rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no ‘bad’ emotions, they all serve a purpose. ” -HM, Christchurch

I never would have been able to figure this out by myself – it’s been priceless!

In this interview Kim speaks with Evie about how her health and whole life dramatically improved within 3 months of coaching together. Even though Evie is a trained pharmacist and naturopath, she knew something was missing, and that she needed to address things at an emotional and lifestyle level in order to get the change she was seeking.

A new person, a new life

The following client had been struggling with depression for 9 years. After 6 sessions this was his feedback:

“I’m a completely different person. I’m calmer, more centred, confident and have more energy. I’ve managed, with my wife, to start our own business. I’ve been tied up with lawyers and accountants etc which in itself is incredible as I wouldn’t have been able to do so a few months ago! Thank you!!!!” And his wife said: “You have made such a difference to his world, it’s absolutely wonderful having the man I married back!” JC, Auckland

I’m able to stop anti-depressants

Client feedback after one session: “I have noticed already a subsidence in my symptoms and also noticed today that I didn’t want to cover my symptoms but was happy when they were noticed as I was able to deal directly with them. I am especially happy that the diarrhea that I was experiencing has seemed to stop. It also gave me the confidence to stop taking anti-depressants, which has had no change to my mood, and also made me very relieved to have found MT. It also helped to understand that MT is the most helpful course of therapy.” -Olivia, Southland

Clearing Physical Pain and Illness at its core

Recovered fully from fibromyalgia

In this video a client describes how he recovered fully from fibromyalgia when top doctors and specialists said he would at best only ever ‘manage’ his symptoms.

For me coaching with Kim has been life changing

“It is an almost indescribable joy to feel like I’m regaining the life I used to have. I’m now walking briskly more than 2 kms every day. For most of this year, I’ve haven’t been able to walk 1 easy kilometre once a week without getting ill. Although I haven’t returned to full-time work yet, I spend almost as much time at my computer each day as I did when I was working. I’m working on three different writing projects. I’m learning Spanish and Danish. And I’m venturing out socially again – at least once a week – which is a huge change for me after spending most of this year in social isolation, and being very restricted in the amount of physical activity I could undertake. Most importantly, I now have a confidence that I never had before in dealing with my CFS symptoms in particular and my emotions in general. For me the coaching with Kim has been life changing”. Client feedback after 6 sessions.

88 Year Old Woman Recovers from CFS and Depression

In this video an 88 year young client describes how she recovered from 55 years of debilitating fatigue and depression in just 6 months using one of Kim’s home study programs.

‘You have given me my life back’

“I feel like I have just been handed the keys to life. You have unlocked the whole key to my life” Comment from a client one week after her first session, symptom-level reduced from 7 to nearly 0 (out of 10), after months off work and her doctors saying they didn’t know how to help her.

Mind blowing!

“It amazed me how quickly Kim mapped the history of my physical injury to the emotional experience I was having when I sustained the injury six years ago. The pain I suffered was revealed to be related to feelings and beliefs I have held for many years. It was quite mind blowing (and almost humorous) to see the connection so clearly. It felt very freeing. I really appreciate the way Kim approached my physical suffering as a condensed energy/vibration/thought form. This enabled the injury to be shifted, space was created for healing to take place. I’d love another session!” Angela, age 32yrs, Auckland

‘My life is totally transformed’

In this interview, Kim speaks with Gisela on how she cleared years of symptoms by understanding the connection between emotions and illness.

Stomach pains gone

This client had been experiencing irritable bowel and stomach cramps for months. This is her feedback after one of our sessions:”It is bizarre and really crazy to me that my stomach pains are totally gone since our talk the other day. I tested it by having a little extra coffee yesterday and today and it is just plain gone. I know that this is not surprising to you, but I am amazed. I am really excited and feeling pretty good”. And a week later: “I have had a really great week. I am feeling really good. Since my stomach pains have gone, I am feeling amazing”. Joni, USA

Stop people treating you badly, stand up for yourself

No more panic attacks

The comments below were received after a follow-up email was sent out a year after completing a program with Kim: “All of my physical symptoms have now gone. I no longer have heart palpitations, chest pain, or dizziness. I no longer eat emotionally, and my anxiety has reduced dramatically. I have been able to enjoy life a lot more without being held back by physical symptoms or panic attacks.” JC, Wellington, 2011

I cannot believe the big change!

The following client had been struggling with depression for 9 years. After 6 sessions this was his feedback:

“I’m a completely different person. I’m calmer, more centred, confident and have more energy. I’ve managed, with my wife, to start our own business. I’ve been tied up with lawyers and accountants etc which in itself is incredible as I wouldn’t have been able to do so a few months ago! Thank you!!!!” And his wife said: “You have made such a difference to his world, it’s absolutely wonderful having the man I married back!” JC, Auckland, 2011

I’m not taking on other people’s stuff

“The sessions I had were most helpful in enabling me to discern when behaviour of others towards me was innappropriate and damaging for me, and giving me the tools to address that behaviour as well as relieve myself from feeling somehow responsible for their behaviour. I am now very aware that I am only responsible for my own behaviour and that I have the primary responsibility for taking care of and protecting myself from emotional abuse. Thank you for your assistance on my journey towards wholeness. My wellbeing is improving”. Elaine, age 65yrs, Auckland

I’m able to open up, trust and put me first

“I have learned to spend time with people who are good for me, and to keep away from the people who create stress and drama in my life un-necesarily, and I was able to let go of the sense of responsibility I felt towards people in my family. I am very grateful for the sessions I had with you, and how hard you were on me sometimes. It was exactly what I needed! It’s amazing to me how far I have come in the last couple of years. I’m a completely different person now.” JC, Wellington

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