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Kim Knight
Kim Knight Credentials

Emotional Alchemy Program

Learn how to self-process negative emotions out of your body-mind with ease and grace. Online training starts 26th November 2018. Click on the image for details.


Wellness at Work

A range of group seminars and trainings on stress management, assertiveness, illness prevention, time management, work-life balance, stopping bullies, emotional intelligence and more, to optimize staff wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Corporate Wellness Overview

DIY E-Learning

DIY self-paced online e-learning programs on a range of topics on reversing chronic illness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress (and more) without the need for drugs or supplements. Learn from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world in your own time.

Online E-Learning Portal

Personal Coaching

Everyone is unique with their own set of challenges. Private, personalized, tailor-made health coaching gets the quickest, easiest results. Remote sessions allow you to connect from anywhere in the world!

Private Coaching with Kim

Wellbeing Speaker

Need an inspirational speaker at the cutting-edge of health and wellness? The world is changing fast with all industries, including health, being disrupted. Get the most cutting-edge answers for your audience.

Conference Speaking

30 Days to a worry-free you!

Learn how to stop the mental virus of worrying, so that instead of mentally rehearsing what you don’t want to happen, you experience real trust, peace and harmony inside your body-mind.

Includes training on how to use your multiple brains, mindfulness exercises to stop worry, emotional clearing techniques, breathing techniques to calm the mind and more.

Learn how to be worry free

Lifestyle Prescriptions®

A range of online and in-person trainings on how to become a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach / Provider. Choose from free webinars, a 1 day workshop, a 2 day foundation course, a 3 month starter program or full year immersion training. Courses for public and health professionals.

Lifestyle Prescriptions

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