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As founder and director of Kim Knight Health and the Emotional Alchemy Academy, I am dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge solutions for optimizing your health and wellbeing in extraordinary ways!

Kim Knight
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Emotional Alchemy Academy


All Kim's online trainings, webinars and events are now listed on the EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY ACADEMY site. Please navigate here to check out upcoming events and workshops!

Emotional Alchemy Academy Website

22nd Century Health Care

Need an inspirational speaker at the cutting-edge of health and wellness? Much of what I can share will sound unbelievable, but I can assure you it's possible. The human body is built for health and wellbeing. Sickness is a sign we have lost our way. Learn how you can revolutionize your health in ways you never dreamed possible.

Conference Speaking

Emotional Alchemy Academy

Group guided online trainings and DIY self-paced online e-learning programs on a range of topics on reversing chronic illness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress and more. Learn from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world in your own time.

Emotional Alchemy E-Learning Site

Life-Changing Health Coaching

I spent years searching for the answers to my health problems. Now I can help you short-cut this, saving you thousands of dollars and years of wasted time. Most clients turn their life around in several weeks, you can too. Remote sessions allow you to connect from anywhere in the world.

Private Coaching with Kim

Qigong for Self-Realization and Wisdom

Online group trainings, self-paced programs and in-person workshops and retreats. Transform your life and cultivate your consciousness to develop self-realization and wisdom, the ultimate goals of the Ren Xue and Yuan Gong system.

Qigong, Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

Personal Development and Staff Health

A range of group seminars and trainings on stress management, assertiveness, illness prevention, time management, work-life balance, stopping bullies, emotional intelligence and more, to optimize staff wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Corporate Wellness Overview

Transform your life from the inside out

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Free resources and education on how to maintain and protect the integrity of your health from the potentially harmful effects of EMF and wifi radiation.

The EMF Health Detective Website

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