'I'm not sick, I'm healing'

by Kim Knight - Coming Soon

Have we got it all wrong? Could symptoms be a sign your body is healing itself? What if illness wasn't a mistake and 'getting rid of' symptoms without understanding them first interrupts the self-healing process? Would this change your perspective on health? Find out in this brand new book coming soon.

'Our Infinite Power To Heal'

Coming Soon

Kim is a contributing author to a brand new book coming soon 'Your Infinite Power to Heal'.

'Health Changing Ideas Guide'

by Kim Knight

Kim was a contributing author to the Health Changing Ideas Guide, innovative ideas for looking after one's wellbeing.

'The Inspiration Bible'


Kim was a contributing author to the Inspiration Bible, a book dedicated to uplifting and inspiring readers through challenging life circumstances.

'7 Laws for a healthy mind and body'


In this ebook Kim explains the signficant role stress plays in the creation of illness, and how by reducing stress we can both prevent and reduce symptoms of chronic illness.