The Key to Health: your GUT

I have a confession…

Over the years I have self-healed myself from multiple health complaints: chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, post-viral fatigue, clinical depression, muscle pain, insomnia, recurring back problems, asthma, allergies, severe hayfever, anxiety, stress, recurring UTIs (urinary tract infections), urticaria, hives and more.

I have done all of this without drugs or supplements, simply by understanding how the body works, and making the appropriate changes I needed to make in my lifestyle, beliefs and emotions.

However there are three issues which are still outstanding – the’ final frontier’: an underactive thyroid, low iron levels, and difficulty staying trim even though I eat pretty healthy and do not overeat.

A month ago I set myself up with a commitment to finally sort this out once and for all.

As the universe would have it, as soon as we absolutely commit to a cause, it provides the answers and solutions we are looking for. Finally the last piece of the puzzle is coming into place, and I am super excited. As usual I am my biggest guinea pig, always testing things out on myself before recommending to others. And this is the final piece: GUT HEALTH

Even though I know gut health is important, and I already knew that gluten impairs healthy thyroid function and iron uptake, I’ll be honest, I still was not paying enough attention to my gut. I realize now it’s time to change this, and in the last few weeks I have been discovering a whole heap more of essential information. For example, do you know …

• 80% of your immune system is located in the gut and the condition of your ‘gut flora’ will dictate, along with other factors such as stress, traumas, emotions and lifestyle, how the rest of your body will function
You carry 1.5 – 2kg of bacteria including over 500 species of microbes in your gut, and the quality of this bacteria will dictate the quality of your health
• A disfunctioning gut will impair your ability to think clearly, creating ‘brain fog’ and poor memory
• Poor gut functioning leads to anaemia and thyroid malfunction
• Vaccines, medication, antibiotics (including those ingested via meat and farmed fish), anti-fungal medication, hormone therapy, poor diet, stress, emotional trauma all lead to a compromised gut and immune system
• An impaired gut prevents the endocrine system (including thyroid) functioning properly
• Prolonged fasting, diets and overeating damage the gut flora
• Compromised gut flora is unknowingly passed from one generation to the next
• When the gut lining is compromised and becomes ‘leaky’, toxic substances pass through the gut lining into the blood, brain and nervous system, affecting proper functioning
Gut dysbiosis (imbalance) is considered a huge factor in the onset of autism, and autistic children have had huge recoveries from rebalancing their gut flora
• Chronic ongoing gut issues can lead to more severe health conditions including the big ‘C’

From a metaphysical (‘beyond physical’) perspective, the gut is all about ‘survival’ – both emotionally and physically. And through my recent research I am now learning how my gut intestinal health has been compromised literally since the day I was born, without me even knowing it…

Before you are born, your gut is a sterile environment. As soon as you are born, you start picking up your Mother’s gut flora as you pass through the birth canal, and then this continues as you start drinking breast milk. The first 21 days of life are critical for having your intestines populated by good flora. If you are fed bottle milk this seriously compromises this opportunity.

For myself, my Mother had a very traumatic birth, and I was a few weeks premature. I was then left in the hospital alone before being allowed home. Emotionally this was very traumatic and set up a ‘limbic imprint’ of fear and abandonment, which I have cleared extensively at an emotional level. Combined with the physiological fact of not being breast-fed, I now see that my ‘gut survival’ system has been on ‘red-alert’ from day one.

By age 6 years this chronic inflammation and stress started manifesting as recurring infections and hayfever, and silently within my gut was already set up to be compromised ongoingly. As the years passed this manifested as ongoing candida, UTIs, allergies, hives, urticaria and more. It didn’t help that my love of sweets and carbs, eaten as comfort food to fill the emotional gap, unknowingly further fuelled the silent candida in my gut.

Fortunately I have never had ‘overt’ gut issues or abdominal pain, but I absolutely know now that addressing my gut is the final answer to resolving these final issues of holding weight and low thyroid. Whilst I know that addressing emotional / psychological issues is paramount, (and where if have worked with me I place a huge amount of attention), the body also needs physical support in this matter. So this is my focus right now, and the information in this upcoming Gut Summit will go a long way to adding to what I have already learnt.

So if you have any issues with your gut, endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, brain, including allergies, asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue, pain conditions, or know people with autism, I highly recommend tuning into The Healthy Gut Summit which starts on Jan 18th 2016.

You can listen online for free, and / or pay a small amount to have the recordings. I have already signed up and listened to the 3 pre-summit videos which were sent after registration which were phenomenal:

• 5 Steps to Healing Leaky Gut
• Secrets to Overcome Candida & Yeast
• The Immune-Cancer Connection

I am so passionate about this topic right now, and will be posting daily on Facebook in January with each presenters outline.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


In the next blog I’ll share the 9 signs of gut disbiosis and the 5 types of leaky gut we are likely to experience


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