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TKM Root Cause Analysis

TKM (The Knight Method) is the result of 30 years of research into identifying and resolving illness at its core. TKM Root Cause Analysis is a specific formula I have developed over a number of years for identifying and isolating the root stress-emotional-behavioural-environmental causes of illness or chronic unhappiness in just one session.

After having searched for 20 years for solutions to my own chronic fatigue and clinical depression, I started to understand that physical and mental symptoms had deeper meaning and causes.

After having personally tried and tested over 200 natural therapies, and having professionally trained in and implemented over 20 different health modalities for some years, plus many years of clinical practice helping clients clear symptoms without the use of medication or supplements, the TKM method was born.

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TKM Lifestyle Medicine

Once the TKM Root Cause Analysis (Breakthrough Experience) has been completed, and the cause(s) of the problem identified, the next step is resolution!

TKM Lifestyle Medicine incorporates the ‘TKM 9 pillars of health mastery’, 9 core life components which must be addressed for a truly holistic solution. Our goal is to restore the body-mind’s natural state of harmony and balance without (as much as possible) the need for medication or supplements. This is truly empowered healing.

The ‘TKM 9 pillars of health mastery’ includes elements of stress management, emotional healing, self care, people management, mind management and more. Each person will require their own unique set of tools and strategies because we are all individuals with our own unique history and set of circumstances.

Once you have completed the TKM Root Cause Analysis (Breakthrough Experience) the appropriate TKM Lifestyle Medicine program will be recommended. TKM Root Cause Analysis and TKM Lifestyle Medicine trainings are also available for health professionals.