Neither Kim Knight nor Kim Knight Health diagnoses, cures, heals or treats any illness. Legally only a medical doctor can do this for you and Kim will never attempt to do so.

Kim embraces all healthcare modalities and believes there is a place for all methods and approaches, and that it is up to us as individuals to find what is right for us. This may require a mix of allopathic and natural approaches.

Kim’s expertise lies in helping you understand the root cause of whatever health condition you have been diagnosed with, and then helping you transform symptoms back into lasting health.

Kim’s greatest pleasure is in giving you the tools to understand how your body, mind, emotions and spirit form one intimate cohesive unit, and how by learning how to take care of yourself and ‘follow the laws of health’ you can restore your natural state of health and happiness.

If you feel you need medical attention, please find the appropriate medical practitioner to help you.