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Kim Knight
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Kim Knight

Let’s find the root of the problem and rewrite your story!

In my work with clients, I get to the root problem: deep inside there is an emotion, belief, thought pattern or self-defeating habit that has turned into a symptom or life circumstance.

I’ll let you into a little-known secret: whatever you are experiencing right now in your life that you don’t want, such as a chronic health complaint, life crisis or general ‘stuckness’, it was all unconsciously set up by the time you were 7 years old!

Together we resolve these issues through revolutionary solutions that are changing people’s lives for the better.

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You have given me my life back!

“I feel like I have just been handed the keys to life. You have unlocked the whole key to my life!” Comment from a client one week after her first session, symptom-level reduced from 7 to nearly 0 (out of 10), after months off work and her doctors saying they didn’t know how to help her.