The startling effects of WIFI (Wireless Appliances)

By Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, Auckland, New Zealand

I’d like to share the amazing experience I had recently in realizing first-hand the detremental effects of WIFI (wireless internet and wireless office devices).

For several weeks *1 I had been feeling extremely de-motivated about work. Symptoms included feeling unclear, unable to think, complete lethargy, verging on what I would classify as mild depression. I had been putting it down to all sorts of factors (I need a break… it’s Christmas…maybe I’m low in iron…the weather’s really muggy) even starting to contemplate maybe I was losing enthusiasm for my work and needed a complete job change! I even went to have my bloods checked just to see if something was really going on, and also booked a Journey process with a friend to see what ’emotional’ stuff might be making me feel depressed.

Then one night I was sitting in my office, trying to summon up some enthusiasm to do some work, and I remembered an email I had received from a friend about a DVD he was showing on the effects of wireless appliances. And I thought to myself, “well, I have a wireless router in my office, what if I were to switch it off?” ‘No, I’ll wait until I’ve seen the DVD’ I thought, and then immediately thought again, “no, why not just try it”?

So, I turned the unit off, and also unplugged the wireless keyboard and mouse. I kid you not when I say I felt better within 60 seconds. SIXTY SECONDS!*2

However, the truth was I felt better. *3 Within that time my head felt clearer, and it was like the air around me in the room cleared too. (Of course this makes perfect sense now that I understand about the ‘EM Smog’ that wireless devices immerse us in). Initially I thought I must be imagining the change, although I had not had any great expectations of results. And if I had had any expectations, I certainly didn’t think the effect would be so quick!

I was feeling so much better I was able to do my evening Qi Gong practice which I had slowly been losing enthusiasm for too over a number of days. It was as if I was a new person.

(Stats taken from the BBC Panorama Documentary below)

So then I sat down to watch the DVD and boy are the facts interesting:

  • France has just passed a law stopping the advertising of cell phones to children
  • In Sweden EMF sensitivity (Electro-magnetic radiation) is recognized as a disability and the government will paint your house with anti-radiation paint if you need it.
  • If only one person in school in Sweden complains of the negative effects of EMF radiation from WIFI, it will be turned off and investigated.
  • Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China and other countries have exposure limits THOUSANDS of times lower than in other countries such as the UK.
  • In Salzburg (Austria) the government advises against WIFI in schools altogether.

The reality is we are living in what has now been called an ‘EM smog’. Whilst many people do not consciously notice the effects of this, ‘Electro-Hypersensitives’ do. This EM smog fills the air around us, penetrating every cell and affecting the functioning of our mind and body. Cell phones and WIFI have a similar frequency to microwaves, and we all know what happens if you end up inside one of them. And I’ve heard that having a WIFI router in your home is the equivalent of having a cell phone tower in your living room! Really?

Despite all the evidence of the harmful effects of radiation, the WHO (The World Health Organization, not the band) have stated that “there are no known adverse health effects from low level, long term exposure”. However, research has indicated that radio frequency radiation can cause changes in cognitive function (yes, I can definitely vouch for that), molecular changes in the cells, chromosome damage, decrease in short-term memory and cancer induction.

The bizarre thing is that ICNIRP, the international regulatory body that sets the limits for safe radiation, does not recognize the biological effects of radiation. Instead it bases exposure limits on a THERMAL effect: in other words, the radiation has to be so strong it has to heat your organs up before it is recognized as a problem! For goodness sake!  (And there we are back at the microwave analogy again – remember all the poodles who didn’t fare too well when microwaves first came out?).

People may continue to dispute that cellphones and WIFI are harmful, but this morning I got up like a new person and spent all day in my office for the first time in 8 weeks. I got work done which I had been procrastinating on for ages. Even small tasks had felt overwhelming.

So I encourage you to consider the effects of EMF radiation if you cannot find the cause of your symptoms, and in particular to check your wireless devices. (And by the way, to check the ‘available wireless networks’ on your computer – you could be sitting in a soup of WIFI waves from the local cafe, business or neighbours too). Yes, my office now looks like spagetti junction with all the wires back in place, but boy it’s worth it.

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*1 Note from above re length of effects:

Although I say several weeks, actually, afterwards, once my mind was clearer, I saw that this had been going on for much longer than 8 weeks. Infact, I had not been feeling great for a while, infact for over a year.

Six months previously I had been feeling extraordinarily and unusually tired and not sleeping well (which was unusual for me as I normally sleep well). I had even gone to see a naturopath and was contemplating supplements for adrenal fatigue. The interesting thing is, which I realized after my mind cleared, was that during that time I had re-arranged my bed furniture and my headboard was now next to the wall of my office, which meant my head was closer to the WIFI router.

Then, when I tracked back even further, when I asked myself “When was the last time I felt well?” the answer that came back was about 14 months ago, that was when I noticed myself going down hill. And then I asked myself, “And when did I get WIFI?” – I couldn’t remember exactly, I knew it was within the previous 2 years. So I looked it up (fortunately, I had printed out my WIFI password and the piece of paper was dated) and it was 14 months previous. It’s always easy to understand things in retrospect, and now that I look back, it seems pretty clear to me that as soon as that router was switched on, it started to have a negative effect on my body.

*2 Note from above re body responding in 60 seconds

This to me shows met yet again the amazing and natural self-healing abilities of the body. When we give it what it needs, it automatically heals. INSTANTLY. I have noticed this in Mickel Therapy – when you do what is right for your body, it will respond IMMEDIATELY. It is amazing and beautiful to watch and witness. Our main problem is that if we put ourselves (ie, our body) in situations which are adverse to the it’s natural functioning, it puts it into a constant state of stress, which means its using all its energy and effot to try and get back into a state of balance, which means it can’t fulfil its normal functions properly.

This is akin to saying the immune system is being put into a constant state of overload or red alert, which over-taxes its ability to do its job with normal ease. So we need to make sure that we are giving our body what it needs to function well. I hope that makes sense!

*3 Note from above re feeling better

One of the problems about not feeling well is that it’s often not until we feel better that we realize how unwellwe were actually feeling before. Unfortunately we acclimatize ourselves to not feeling well and then without realizing it come to think that’s normal! This is actually true for many things in life. What we get used to, we think is normal, and then we forget what normal actually is.

So it wasn’t until my head cleared, my energy picked up and I felt so much more uplifted that I realized how bad I had actually been feeling.


These are the symptoms that I now realize I was experiencing as a result of WIFI exposure. I am sure there may be many others, this is just my list!

  • Feeling low
  • Unable to concentrate or think clearly
  • Unable to get on with work tasks
  • Negative thinking, depressive thoughts
  • Not sleeping well
  • Feeling extraordinary tiredness
  • Not feeling well at home, especially in the office (where the router was) and feeling better as soon as I went out
  • De-motivated


These are the differences I am noticing now:

  • Feeling lighter and clearer in my head
  • Feeling ‘uplifted’ emotionally and mentally
  • Feeling happier
  • The ‘air’ in my office feels clearer
  • Feeling motivated

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  1. I had almost the same experience, but the wifi was in my home, the livingroom. I could barely stand the energy in that room and could not understand why, I kept going to my bedroom to escape from it. I would get panic attacks too, mild but still it was very easy to be stressed. After reading some info about wifi and knowing how I had been feeling, I turned the wifi immediately off, it was like a pressure lifted off my forehead – it was really something and yes alot of my symptoms were alleviated. But now we have wifi on the smart meters (our utility company installed these meters in Dec 09) – I already know headaches and stress level have increased. It’s an ongoing battle.

  2. wow, that’s very interesting. These smart meters do not sound like a good thing. That’s the problem, more and more stuff is becoming wireless…I really hope that the people who manufacture and implement these things start to realize the effects they have.

    1. I really don’t think our country, the US, is interested in doing something that would make sense. Business is movitated by usually one thing – money. Our current president is actually backing The Energy Grid plan that has the utility companies putting these meters in, the plan is that they will be installed nationwide – talk about being wi-fried???

  3. I feel the same every day at work; unfortunately I can’t turn the wifi off. In addition many people use their cell phones around me which makes me feel bad. Ya it is not easy to be a EHS person.

  4. Thanks for this. I have never been able to use a wireless router because of the symptoms you describe. Most people do not understand or even think about how difficult it can be to be electrosensitive. There is wi-fi everywhere around, even though you decide not to have it at home. I hope the media and politicians will start to pay attention.

    1. thanks for your feedback, and to everyone else too. Sorry, keeping up with replies is a challenge sometimes! One could spend all day on blogs and facebook…

  5. We are suffering from noise pollution from the wireless technology. The noise is polluting our environment everywhere.
    Click on more info to read our story. We update in the comments section. Feel free to share your comments there.

    Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D.
    twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.

    “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest
    polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of
    electromagnetic fields.

    I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and
    the increase in chemical elements in the environment.”

  6. We live in a rural area where there are no cell towers. We have the wireless infrastructure in our town. Ever since this was turned on we have noise in our environment that is invading our private properties, homes, schools, churches and work places 24/7. This is microwave radiation and noise pollution attacking all living things. The noise has been confirmed by a forensic engineer. We have two years of samples properly recorded and preserved in data form. If you are interested in analyzing these signals or you know of anyone who is qualified to do so; we would be happy to send you a CD. This pollution has effected our wildlife. The beekeepers in our State are losing their queen bees and workers bees for they suffer a half life.

    The bat population has diminished by 80% by an unexplainable phenomenon called “White Nose Syndrome”. It is evident the RF pollution, which coincidentally, they started noticing in 2006 was the year they installed the infrastructure in our town for DSL/WI-FI! The human race will not survive with this upset of our eco system. The human race with become extinct in four years as confirmed by Einstein.
    Contact us at [email protected] We are a grass roots group growing stronger every day. We must stand together or we will continue to be defenseless against the corporate vampires and all their drones.

    Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D.
    twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.
    “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest
    polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of
    electromagnetic fields.
    I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and
    the increase in chemical elements in the environment.”

  7. Hi, this is Wim from the Netherlands. Here too we suffer from EMF.
    Among collegues (therapists) we are quite aware of the problems caused by this, since it is a ‘hot’ issue here.
    Please check out search terms like ‘electron spin inversion’. What we have found out is that when the energy field (biofield) of a person is already weakened by stress, relation/work problems, illnesses, etc, then people are very sensitive for EMFs. When such a person comes in contact with strong enough EMF, then on atomic scale the electrons start behaving differently, disorganized, like spinning backwards, or inversed.
    The result is that one’s own energy field (or biofield as it is sometimes called, maybe it’s the aura) isn’t energized anymore. This biofield is the protection field, the filter between you and the surrounding world of energies (colours, smells, sounds, emf, even thoughts from others). When this field isn’t working well you are completely exposed to the full force of all these frequencies, vibrations etc, causing symptoms like chronic fatigue. When things get more serious these people also get therapy/medicine resistent. Medication then may work exactly the opposite as expected, e.g. a pain killer causing more pain at first instead of easing the pain right away.
    I came to take this very serious after my love was struck by lightning in her car back in 1985, and ever since was extremely tired, and no one knew what was wrong.

  8. Please google SANDAURA’S YOUTUBES. WE HAVE MICROWAVE PULSING IN OUR COMMUNITY EVER SINCE THE WI-FI WAS TURNED ON, ON MY STREET IN 2006. WE CAN HEAR THE RF NOISE CAUSED BY THIS TRANSMISSION 24/7 BECASUE IT IS TRAVELING INTO OUR HOME AND CAUSING AUBIBLE NOISE 24/7 NONSTOP. THIS IS CHARACTERIZED AS PURE TONES. pure tones are a health hazard and illegal in our state of Massachusetts. The regulatory agencies from the Governor’s office down to local government have done nothing to order the utilities to mitigate this noise. The assault has caused a tremendous hardship while we fight daily seeking help, as well as informing the public of this abuse we are subjected to.

    Please take the time to read our story and the comments. We have posted many links to help raise awareness. This is the biggest fight of our lives and the future of our children and wildlife.

    The mentality has to change if we are going to over come the greed, corruption and collusion of this powerful revenue stream. The important question one should ask themselves who are sucking off this money tree is…Do I want to be part of the destruction of all living things? None of us are safe from the microwave pollution that blankets the air around the world. When I see 6 year old children owning a cell phone, my heart becomes heavy. Ignorance and greed is going to kill us. If we think we can’t live without this technology; then the opposite may happen.

  9. This article has convinced me to get rid of wifi in our home. My partner and I have experienced ‘strange’ symptoms of late…memory impairment, lethargy, sleep distruption.
    Sadly here in British Columbia Canada we are about to have more wifi imposed on us by BC Hydro who will be installing wireless ‘smart’ meters in our homes.
    We will have to content ourselves with reduction of wireless, not complete elimination of this form of pollution.

    1. Maureen,
      In Holland they do the same: replacing all electricity meters. We called and said we didn’t allow them, and they accepted this.
      Regarding your symtoms to emf… check out on this “electron spin inversion”. When a person’s energy field is under attach from strong emf, combined with a low body resistance, one is likely to get this, namely that a major part of your electrons start behaving differently, resulting in a weak/thin aura/energy field. Your energy can’t filter all impressions that come your way, making you extremely tired, over sensitive and some people start reacting to medicine quite adversely. It can be undone only by a special energy boost, given by a Biophoton Therapist. Or what also seems to work is this trick:
      cross your legs while standing (right foot left of left foot) arm stretched in front of you, cross right over left, hand palm to each other. Fold your fingers and then bring your hand down and up against close to your breast. (Strange grip isn’t it). Then make a little space between your breast bone and you hands. Now start breathing slowly and concentrate on breathing as if through this focus point in front of your breast. Do so for 1 or 2 minutes.
      If you did have an spin-inversion it should get away now, and within minutes you should feel more comfortable. Problem now is that you need to avoid strong electromagnetic fields. So get rid of wifi and bedside alarm-radioclocks a.o.
      Warm Regards,

  10. I can confirm a similar experience in the past 24 hours! Firstly, I should go back to summer 1996 when I first got myself a mobile phone. I remember within a few hours looking at this thing and thinking what’s happening in my brain. I just didn’t feel myself anymore. Somehow my inner poise (for want of a less precious and pompous expression) had been compromised. Anyway, I still have a mobile phone but I tend to keep it at a good distance when I’m not carrying around and I always switch it off at night and insist that my wife does the same with hers (which causes some friction but..). Anyway, fast-forward to yesterday when I bought a wifi router for our home. The shop didn’t have any cable-only routers in stock so I got the wifi device. It sits on the desk where I work and otherwise browse the net. By the late evening I was feeling washed out. I went to sleep with a mind feeling like it had been mangled – first switching off the device as well as the mobile phones. I awoke at 5 in the morning feeling quite disoriented and certain as to what the cause was. I went back to the shop and they told me that they can no longer get hold of cable-only routers… but the good news was that my router also works via the cable. I came back home feeling weak (I barely had the willpower to climb the stairs!), disabled the wifi and reconnected my wife’s computer using a cable. All the things you described happened! My mind cleared, the pain in my chest stopped and I now feel normal (well, more normal) again. I guess I’ve got used to the near proximity of mobile phones, and I see from my laptop that someone in the next apartment has got a wifi router operating there, so the situation is not perfect. But at least I’m not sitting next to an enabled wifi router anymore. There may be no firm evidence that wifi routers are harmful to the health, but where is the evidence that they are NOT harmful?!?! Who has conducted a 25 year study into their effects? The IT community is conducting a massive and grotesque experiment on more or less the whole planet and no-one knows what the outcome will be. I’m convinced that if and when “the end” comes for us humans it will be something insidiously debilitating which will leave us all incapable of thinking straight. It could be argued that this process as already begun. In peace! Nick

  11. It is time for the American people to stop believing the lies and misinformation Corporation own Government is selling. Like snake oil salesman, their agenda is profit, not the safety and welfare of people.

    It is time to protest peacefully, by not voting for a democrat or republic. It is time to change the broken system. This would shake it up. It is no different than a regime just changing parties every 4-8 years and progress is a mental illusion. We have lost the middle class, we have lost our human rights. The deconstruction of democracy was a take over right under our eyes. We are a third world country!!! Time to protest. The microwave wireless revolution has to stop now! It will be the demise of all living things. Listen to the victims who are already feeling the effects! Sickness and suffering and death will be the result of this microwave pollution.

  12. You people are all fanatic nutcases bordering on the psychopathic. Seriously, learn to understand scientific procedure and read into extensive studies which are freely available regarding this topic.

    For starters, here is an unbiased article:

    Double-blind-studies do not lie.

    I do realize that my words will not have any positive effect on you but what the hell, I was bored so I gave it a shot.

    Enjoy your Astrology or whatever Superstition you are subjected to.


    1. In my experience, the more people rely on ‘scientific evidence’, the less they are in touch with experiencing what goes on inside their body. In other words, they live in their heads and are disconnected from experiencing how they feel, either physically or emotionally. The more one gets in touch from the inside, the less you need to rely on outside information for answers. Most people think that something inexplicable is not scientific but just because you don’t understand it does not mean it’s not true.

    2. I too share your skeptical attitude concerning this article, however there is no doubt that there are waves emitted from a router is it not possible that they do negatively effect a small percentage of the population in a different yet slightly similar way that a small number of people are allergic to peanuts?

      1. From what I understand, everyone is affected but not necessarily aware of it. Also, the stronger one is physically, mentally and emotionally, and less sensitive one is, the less one will be affected by it, but it’s there all right!

  13. HI Kim, Thanks for your clearly communicated thoughts on the WiFi dangers. I have just spent about 6 months being rundown and ill. Did not sleep well. Ever since I turned off the WiFi my sleep has improved and I too felt the nearly instant clearing. Interestingly enough, on 3 occasions we have forgotten to turn off the router (I rarely leave it on and am now putting in a wired one); Each time, my sleep was disturbed. I suspect this issue is much more important than most of us realize! My router, downstairs and “out of sight.” was actually 5 feet from my head when I slept at night.

  14. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always useful to read articles from other authors and practice a little something from their sites.

    I blog frequently and I seriously thank you for your content. The article has really peaked my interest. I am going to take a note of your blog and keep checking for new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article. Thank you for providing these details.

  15. Love your site. It’s really about freeagency! A freeagent isn’t just about things related to professional sports stars looking for the best “contract.” We can all be free agents. It means untimately learning that we work for ourselves. Freeagents are always focuysed on being the best person possible – whatever that means – but especially in terms of health, wellness, exercise, and diet. Thanks for giving me more to think about and enjoy.

  16. Thank you for all the feedback. I recently was watching Dr. Oz on TV & he mentioned we should always keep our cell phone at least 5 ft away from us when not in use … not in our pocket or in a case on our body. Also we should never have it by us in bed. Bingo! When I upgraded my phone I started putting it on my headboard at nite so I could access it if someone texted me. For a couple years I had frequent nightmares or really weird dreams and didn’t sleep well. I moved my phone. Now I sleep through the nite & don”t recall dreaming. I am no longer exhausted & in constant need of naps throughout the day. I do have wifi & a year ago they put in a smart meter plus I have a cordless phone by my chair…YIKES!!!

  17. May I simply say what a comfort to find a person that truly knows what they are discussing on the web. You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people must check this out and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you’re not more popular since you surely possess the gift.

  18. All of the symptoms of exposure that you listed at the end of this post are things that I experience every day at work…. I have often wondered why I feel fine at home but tired, unmotivated and edgy as soon as I get to work. Chatting to my brother-in-law, who is hypersensitive to EMF and lives in the UK, suffering daily from migraines and other health problems, I realized that when I am at work, I am surrounded by wireless frequencies constantly. I sit right next to the wireless switch for the internet, the other two women who work with me have laptops that connect wirelessly to the internet. I sit next to a wireless landline phone and credit card machine… and I live in a town that is, essentially, a WiFi hotspot in itself. The thing that amazes me is that after only a little big of research into it, I come up with this blog… and all of my symptoms are listed. That is more than a little concerning! I am definitely going to look into this more seriously!

  19. Dear Kim,

    I am writing to say thank you for this article. At the time that I first read it, in April this year, I was beginning to suspect that wifi was adversely affecting my health. I came across your article upon doing a short internet search, and it was a distinct turning point; my life has never been the same since.

    I would like to write in more detail, but using a computer is very uncomfortable for me. Suffice to say that after reading your article, I switched off the router for the first time in months. The relief I felt (within sixty seconds) was profound.

    Through much further experimentation and research, I have realised that I have a bad case of EHS. I hadn’t been able to watch TV or use computers for more than a few minutes for many years, but I always attributed the problem to things other than electromagnetic fields. The discovery of this condition, and that I have it, has made sense of countless experiences in my earlier life.

    To get away from the wifi (unfortunately I live in a shared house, and am not able to permanently disable wireless), I slept for three months in a tent in the garden. During that time, I spent £800 and about 100 hours shielding my bedroom (if I were to do it again – and one day I might well have to – I would use a different, faster method!), and now sleep in a total-coverage shielded sleeping bag. There is no wifi or mobile phone signal at all in my room now, at least not one strong enough to be picked up by a computer or phone. By taking these steps, I have regained much good health that had been draining away from me for many months.

    The journey continues. Almost every day I learn something new about how I react to EM fields of various frequencies and intensities.

    Your article was the first thing I read that validated my suspicions and experiences, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  20. I’ve discovered I sleep much better at night when I have no electronic devices plugged in near the bed and when the wireless on my router is turned off. I had actually purchased a wireless router after I had moved or unplugged electronic devices near the bed, and I had gotten into the habit of turning off the wireless at night before going to bed. Two nights, I had forgotten to turn it off, and I could tell the difference the days following. I felt tired and nowhere near as rested as I normally did. When I posted this little tip on Facebook, that turning off the wireless on your router could help you sleep better at night, I got some pretty belittling comments from one of my Facebook friends who even went so far as to complain about other things I’d been posting about a lot lately. Gee…thanks, buddy! The proof is definitely there in my personal experience, and I certainly don’t expect something like this to help everyone since we’re all different, but I wanted to get the information out there in case it might help someone else. One question I have is what to do when you stay overnight in a hotel with free wifi. I haven’t travelled since doing these things with my router and electronic devices and am afraid of not being able to get enough rest and sleep while away from home. How can I protect myself from the hotel’s wifi? Thanks!

    1. Good question (re travelling in hotels). I don’t have a finite answer for this but I’ll share my experiences and what little knowledge I have (I am not an expert in any way on EMF!).
      I use an anti-EMF device when travelling, there are plenty around, just google. I don’t know if I feel a difference or not, but I trust that if they have been scientifically proven to work, then it must be doing something.
      In most hotels I find I feel it but am somehow OK.
      There was one time, however, in a backpackers in the centre of town, which was a wifi hotspot and when I checked on my ipod had about 25 wifi hotspots around it when I felt so ill I had to check out after 24 hours.
      Just the other day I turned on my wifi for the first time in 2 years to see if I could handle it as I had just bought a SMART tv and wanted to hook up to the internet. Within 30 seconds I felt heady and yuck, and turned it off. Back to wired…
      Good luck with whatever you choose…!

      1. Please check out my site for an excellent solution to WiFi EMF pollution: It’s called the Omega Wi-Fi. You’d be able to leave the router on without the side-effects, but it protects you from your neighbors’ WiFi, as well.

        Also, check out my blog, EMF Pollution Solutions right here at WordPress.

        And thanks, Kim, for all you do to educate people about EMFs.

        Hank Eder

      2. Thanks! Yeah, I was afraid I’d have to purchase something, and the devices I’ve seen are pretty expensive. I’ve seen reviews where some have said they work and others have said they’re a scam. Guess I’ll just have to keep looking to see what I can find. I may end up just having to tough it out.

    2. Hi Sarah,

      I have a suggestion for how you might protect yourself from wi-fi in hotels and anywhere else you might be travelling. Of course I cannot guarantee that it would work for you, but it works extremely well for me.

      Every night I sleep in a sleeping bag that is made of shielding fabric. It’s called Aaronia-Shield and is available from It has a very high ability to shield against RF radiation – 50dB attenuation. My mother made the bag for me when I told her that I didn’t think I would be able to go on holiday to see family in Vienna, due to the prevalence of wi-fi in all apartment blocks. I took it to Vienna and it worked so well that I continued using it when I got home, even though I’d already extensively shielded my bedroom and had thereby already reduced the RF in the room considerably. I just sleep so much better in the bag than out of it that it makes sense for me to use it all the time. On the occasions when I have experimented to see how I sleep without the bag, my sleep has been broken and disjointed, and I’ve woken up feeling tired and groggy. I hope soon to get a canopy for my bedroom which should work in the same way and will keep the bag just for travelling.

      To keep the bag clean I use a cotton liner inside, and to keep the fabric off my face I use a home-made spacious frame made of plumbers’ piping around my head, which can be easily dismantled to fit in a suitcase.

      The fabric is completely breathable and the bag and zip is designed so that there are no gaps for RF to get in.

      Please note that it took quite a few hours to made this bag and that the fabric is not cheap (about £60 per square metre and we needed six square metres). However, what price can one place on good sleep? It works for me and I wouldn’t be without it now.

      Similar bags are available ready-made from (BlocBag) and (also called BlocBag but using slightly different materials). The attenuation of the materials in these commercial bags is not as high as the fabric from which my bag is made, and I cannot comment on their effectiveness because I’ve never tried them.

      If you (or any other readers) of this would like to contact me to discuss this further or to see a picture of my bag and frame, I’d be delighted to help in any way I can and will ask Kim to help us get in contact.

      Apologies for the length of this entry. I hope it is of use and interest.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Tim

        We are looking into getting a canopy as well. Can you tell me which one you went with? Can you also tell me what other methods you used for shielding your bedroom? We are thinking of maybe getting shields for the windows as well…. But wondering what other options there are – we rent – so hesitant to paint the walls… Although keen to hear any suggestions.

        Thanks for your helpful comments.

  21. I have extreme anxiety and headaches when I am near a WIFI router. I can not sleep if it is turned on and get instant relief when it is switched off. The people I lived with didn’t believe me at first, so I asked them to switch off the wifi at various times during the day with out my knowledge or ability to know whether it was on or off. I took note of when I had symptoms and then we compared with when the wifi was turned on/off. We did this over a few weeks. The results were completely obvious to all of us that it was triggering these symptoms for me. However now I am living with different people and unfortunately they do not want to get rid of wifi even though they don’t use it much. If I try and explain that it is having an effect it causes problems so I keep quiet and am trying to just deal with it. However I am really struggling with the headaches, poor sleep and extreme anxiety again. I can’t do anything about it but turn the wifi off when they leave the house for some short relief, however it is like torture having a short relief and then turning it back on and having the symptoms return.

    1. By what you describe you suffer from an electron spin inversion. I wouldn’t be surprised that you are also therapy resistent and have adverse reactions to medication and even to many other remedies/healing that normally should work quite well.
      ‘Electron-spin-inversion’ is the name for a situation that describes that all electrons (f.e. in a body) are rotating (spin) in the oppostie direction compared the surrounding field’s spin-direction. Normally there’s a general direction of electron-spin (even on galactic scales), but because of strong electromagnetic field effects of EMF which rotate differently (and that overpowered your body’s electron-spin) you came into this situation. It may have been caused by strong EMF, but can also be cause f.e. by a radioisotopic investigation in the hospital, or other radiation sources.
      But… always in combination with an already weakened energy field of your own body. So probably you have had quite a lot of stress when this spin-inversion has happened, which may be years ago already. It can be treated by biophoton therapists quite easily (inverting the spin-inversion, I mean) in a matter of minutes, but preventing it from happening again is yet another story. Look on for therapists in your neighborhood.
      Wim Roskam

  22. Thanks for the replies. Yes you are spot on. I have lots of adverse reactions to medication and even supplements. My Dr has said I am one of the very few patients with chronic illness who seem to be unable to improve or sustain improvements for any length of time. I have not tried any special devices for EMF as I currently spend all my money on medical bills and trying to eat well. Also I simply don’t know what works and what is a waste of money and I can’t afford to trial and error different products at the moment. I have tried an earthing sheet but was unable to sleep with it plugged in. I’m wondering whether that is because of dirty electricity being earthed/grounded through me or whether the effect was simply to strong for my body.
    I am completely vulnerable to the environment I am in and it is very disconcerting to be so sensitive to things that you would never dream of thinking twice about. I have never heard of Biophoton therapy but will have a read about it.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Maybe you wish to look on This guy has had this kind of problems himself and has been testing numerous tools on the market to treat himself with. Quite informative and very complete, as he keeps adding reports about the newest tools. Also you might have a look at That is from the International Asscociation for Electrosmog Research, which tests various products on a more scientific basis. But most tools are expensive indeed and the problem is that not everything works as expected. Which doesn’t mean that those tools are ineffective, but may not work as expected under all circumstances and for every person. E.g. some people are extra-sensitive by birth (without saying that they have psychic abilitiies or whatever) and it seems that those people have much more problems dealing with EMF etc. In their cases some tools work much better than other tools. It just depends on many factors. And as you say… it can cost quite a lot of money to check everything out.

      Should you be interested in what I can offer you, please send me an email [email protected] (which is my love’s email address) and I’ll send you the tool that I have designed (for free).


  23. I felt better within 60 seconds. SIXTY SECONDS!*>>>> This. I am so glad I found this blog post.
    I had the exact same reaction. I wasn’t expecting it at all when I turned off the wireless router.

    1. Hi guys… here’s another great website, and book, that all of you should know about: And the book is called ‘BioGeometry, back to a futuru for mankind’, written by Ibrahim Karim. I came to learn about this Egyptian scientist because of the town Bächli, Hemberg in Switzerland, where we have been this summer. Inhabitants of this town suffered because of the newly erected GSM antennaes etc, and Swisscom (!) brought forth Karim to do something against it. He used several methods based on old technologies to harmonize the radiation, and guess what… it worked stunningly well. It’s all documented and Bächli was Swiss news back then. I think Ibrahim has an important story to tell.

  24. Unbelievable – I have worked with technology for 18 years, wifi is an awesome tech at making life so convenient – even more so now with tablets…..

    BUT, for the last 6 months I have had a wifi router in my new office about a meter away from my head. In the last six months I have achieved so little, I sit down, I want to go to sleep, to open up my email client is just an effort. Like other people have mentioned I just thought it was stress – worried about not getting the work done (a snake eating its tail). In this same period I have also had wifi installed in the home (ADSL only just arrived in the street!!). Everyone in the house has been sleeping terrible, we have taken my daughter(under 5) to the doctors and even had blood tests because she was so tired all the time.

    Five days ago for some unknown reason I turned the wifi off on the router in the office – amazing almost instantly I felt clear headed, like a weight had been lifted from my body. Didn’t think about it at the time, just got on and did an amazing days work – like I was on speed!!!! On day two I felt the same and started to put two and two together. Wifi is now off at home and the improvement in everyone is amazing.

    To all those who say rubbish.. look at this study and this report and this government policy etc, etc… I would look at who has paid for these studies to be conducted, who stands to benefit – just for one moment suppose that a study proved without doubt that wifi and cell radiation was a serious long term health hazard like smoking and the mainstream media ran with it as a headline for a week – think of the global financial and social impact that it would have in not just the western world but developing countries as well. The planet would be thrown back by at least 2 decades in terms of the way we communicate. Billions and billions of dollars would be lost. Much easier to keep the subject quiet and pay for a few ambiguous positive reports. Everyone has a price and any research can be conducted in a manners as to give the overall desired result – notice how they say there is an effect – but its not statistically noticeable.

    I miss wifi – it is a pain not having it and we do still turn it on but only for short periods of time.

    I would guess if you’re reading the post above you have already turned your wifi off or looking for proof that it may be a problem. The best proof I can offer you is my experience and a week ago I would have no way had the energy or concentration to comment on a blog post!

    For me and my family no wifi = better sleep and more energy.

  25. Hi Kim, I live in the Netherlands and stumbled upon your post, I practice Qigong too, my teacher lives in New Zealand. so there is another funny fact. I’m sensitive to Wifi too, what helped me a lot was an allergy treatment with a technique called NAET, because this sensitivity can be treated as an allergy. There are a lot of goog solutions out there that can help. I only used wired network at home, but there is always a lot of stuff active from neigbours and environment too. I installed a device in my home that nutralizes all wireless networks, I have a lot of neighbors in the appartment where I live. I feel that with the decive plugged in, my mind is much clearer ecspecially during Qigong practice. The device I use plugs in to the net of my home and creates a field that counteracts the wireless stuff. Works with Tesla oscilation coils. I will not make this in to a commercial by mentioning the brand here, but it really works for me.

  26. I could have written this article, well I wish I could have. Our wifi router is in our bedroom along with 2 computers and 3 power strips worth of other electronics. My husband brought home a computer and laptop each for me and our 2 kids. He put them in their rooms. I had/have no say in any of it. I play/teach piano and I feel the wifi is affecting my mind/ability to play expressively/flowingly. I’ve developed chronic swollen lymph nodes and am fearing thyroid or other cancer but am afraid to go to the doc. I nicely begged my husband to please minimize the pc’s, move the router and please let me switch it off at least at night. He said no way and then finally he angrily said i could switch it off but i’d be responsible for fixing it if it stopped working. he’s a senior network admin/it manager so computers are his life. Sad that he can’t merit wifi at least may be harmful considering all the evidence against it so far… People have electric body boundaries and I strongly suspect some are more vulnerable to wifi radiation or at least aptly sense it more. Life is unfair. If I had the financial means I would seriously divorce but as it is I’m stuck in his wifi world.

  27. Is it possible to sense Wi-Fi activity when you feel your ear get a sudden surge which feels weird quite like a high pitched pinging and feeling an -inbalance slightly in your body for a split second but not painful at all and as it always ever happens when using mobile phone or tablet, is it possible that it can be caused by an Insurge of radio wave immersion making the human senses react like this? It sounds stupid I know but I reckon there are others who sense it maybe the same or similar. I’m not talking about paranormal activity here, I mean actual physical where you feel it in your senses from something like electro waves or RF waves going through the air around you or in your vicinity such as your neighbourhood all using their devices synonymously?

  28. I noticed similar effects from plasma tv RFI radiation which is several orders worse than WiFi.

    Ditch that piece of outdated crap for an LCD model.

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