What effect do human emotions have on the planet?

by Kim Knight, The Art of Health

Many people are not even aware how their emotions affect themselves, never mind anything outside of them. So let’s start at the micro (personal) level before addressing the topic at a macro (bigger picture) level.

For the past 20 years I have been investigating the effect of emotions within my own body. This came about in an unexpected way when I discovered the cause of the CFS, clinical depression and anxiety I had been experiencing, (which had resulted in several years off work and at times the inability to walk to the end of my driveway,) was largely due an unconscious suppression of emotional energy. This discovery was both a surprise and relief; a surprise because I had never imagined emotions could have such a profound effect on my physical wellbeing, and a relief because it was the turning point for my recovery.

So how is it that emotions can affect the body so deeply they can create chronic illness?

Most people tend to see the mind and body as two separate entities, but nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever happens on any level within a human being, whether that be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, will affect all levels of our being simultaneously. This is because everything in the universe, including the human body, operates as a totality.

For example, if you are worrying about your finances, this thinking and associated feelings will trigger the release of certain hormones in the body (such as adrenaline and cortisol), which immediately creates a physical change at a cellular level. (For indepth explanations of how this works see Candice Pert’s (candicepert.com) best-selling book ‘Molecules of Emotion’).

According to Dr Robin Kelly, author of ‘The Human Hologram’, (robinkelly.co.nz) we live in a holographic universe, where the whole is represented in every fragment. This applies to the body too. Whilst most people tend to think thoughts and emotions only happen in the brain, the reality is emotions are chemical changes in the body will occur in every cell. Which is why we feel emotional energy in the body, not in the head.

(Just think about it – how do you feel when you experience anger? Do you feel a surge of energy inside your body, or tension in your muscles? Why do you think we say we are ‘livid’ with anger? Guess which organ is affected!)

Moreover, despite the fact we seem so solid, quantum physics discovered some time ago that everything in the universe is, at its tiniest microscopic level, just energy. And emotions (e-motions) are energy too, so we can no longer deny they will affect the physical body both at a quantum and cellular level. Dr David Mickel, founder of the revolutionary therapy for the emotional causation of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, explored this concept in depth in his article on ‘Cellular Rewiring’.

Since a law of physics states energy cannot be destroyed, but can be transformed, (think water turning into ice or water), any emotions which are not resolved at the time of arising in the body will get stored in the cells until an opportunity arises for them to be cleared.

And this is precisely how stored emotional energy builds up to become disease (dis-ease). And usually it is not until we experience symptoms that we notice something is amiss, and by this time the original (emotional) cause has long been forgotten!

So what has this got to do with the bigger picture of how mass human emotions can affect the earth?

Well, a lot actually!

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, our body is an entire ecosystem, complete with rivers, mountains, valleys and inner landscapes. Chinese masters speak of rivers of Qi (life force energy) which run through our body feeding our organs and sickness as ‘evil winds’ blowing through our inner landscape, disturbing our good Qi.

And since we live in a holographic universe, where every fragment is part of the whole, every human being is also part of a larger collective picture wherebye what happens to us individually affects the whole.

So if emotions can have such a dramatic effect on an individual’s body, what effect could they be having on the collective consciousness and even the earth itself?

These questions are currently being addressed by the Institute of HeartMath, who have launched a massive global experiment to measure the effect of mass human emotions on the earth’s magnetic grid. One could say that humans are organisms co-habiting on their larger host, Mother Earth.

According to HeartMath “The Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) will consist of approximately 12 sensors strategically located around the world and will enable a new level of scientific inquiry into the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviors and planetary changes”.

Advanced sensing technology is being installed in certain locations worldwide to allow the observation of changes in the earth’s magnetic field and test the hypothesis that it is affected by mass human emotion, both positive or negative. Apparently this project will allow them to test the hypotheses that:

  • Strong collective human emotions are reflected in the earth’s field.
  • Groups of people in heart coherence can affect the earth’s field.
  • Changes in the earth’s field predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and similar planetary scale events, in order to give people advance warning.

A group of experts in emotional intelligence, including HeartMath, will be coming together this September on an Emotional Intelligence Online Summit to discuss the role of EQ in personal and planetary transformation, covering how to manage emotions for optimal health, wealth, relationships, education and parenting, plus its role in Soul and planetary development.




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