Top Tips for Recovery from Chronic Illness

If you are still looking for answers to heal from chronic illness, you might want to check if you are ticking all these boxes…

  1. A true understanding from a holistic mind-body perspective of what really creates illness.
  2. To understand that no matter the physical symptom or condition, there is almost always an emotional and mental cause, even when the head thinks there isn’t or cannot see it… yet.
  3. To understand that physical symptoms cannot usually be authentically healed with only physical means, because the cause of the problem is not usually physical.
  4. Trusting in the infinite wisdom of the body that it knows exactly what it’s doing when it creates symptoms and that symptoms serve a positive purpose, which we need to unravel if we wish to experience true healing.
  5. To recognize that we heal people, not illness.
  6. An openness and willingness to see things from new perspectives, because a problem can never be solved from the same consciousness that created it.
  7. An absolute determination to make recovery the first top priority in one’s life.
  8. A willingness to understand the huge role that trapped emotional energy in the body plays in the build up of physical symptoms.
  9. To understand the difference between healing and fixing: fixing is the old paradigm of treating end results temporarily, healing is transforming the root cause.
  10. A willingness to get out of the thinking head and into the feeling body to allow emotional energy to move, clear and transform.
  11. To understand that our natural state is health, and if we are not experiencing this, we must have gone off track, and need to get back on track
  12. A willingness to explore where you have not gone before.
  13. To understand that there are certain ‘laws of health’ which if we break them, like breaking any laws, will result in consequences
  14. A willingness to put exercises into practice experientially rather than theoretically, ie, knowledge into action.
  15. To understand that we live in a universe of cause and effect, and all actions have consequences: physical illness is the result of previous actions where we have inadvertently broken the laws of health.
  16. A willingness to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves and others.
  17. A willingness to return to our authentic self because truth health and happiness can only be built on honesty.
  18. Finding the right therapy / therapies that work for oneself as there is no one right size that fits all.
  19. Understanding that it is not the name of the therapy which is important but the tools that therapy offers, and their successful implementation, that creates change.
  20. A willingness to let go of attachment to one’s diagnosis or condition ‘label’ as this is just a word created to describe a group of symptoms.
  21. Finding the right therapist to help guide in the right direction, and preferably one who has walked the path themselves.
  22. To understand that it is a mix of both the right therapist and right therapy which will allows us to feel safe enough to heal and give us the appropriate tools to do so.
  23. Feeling absolutely emotionally safe with that therapist in order to be vulnerable enough to be completely open and honest.
  24. A recognition that healing is a journey of inner transformation where we change and are never the same again.
  25. A willingness to understand that healing is a journey of personal evolution which involves change at the deepest level and once we heal we are never the same again.
  26. To understand that if a problem takes months and years to develop, it will take more than a couple of hours to solve, and therefore to let go of the erroneous belief that ‘all my problems can be solved in one session’.
  27. A commitment to changes on all levels including thinking, behaviours, habits and patterns.
  28. To understand that the body is an innate self-healing mechanism which has enormous power to heal itself from a multitude of severe symptoms
  29. A belief or at least an openness to believe in miracles, which in fact we then discover are the natural healing abilities of the body once we get out of our own way to allow healing to occur.
  30. To absolutely definitively believe that the body can heal itself, even if we don’t know how.
  31. To develop the overriding qualities of faith, trust and openness, and habits of discipline, perseverance and commitment.


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