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Here’s the thing: Your symptoms, unwanted life circumstances, depression or anxiety are not the results of some outward force at work. We need to turn inwards to find the answers. The exciting news is this means YOU have the power to change whatever you don’t want turning up in your life, even often without medication or supplements! The solutions are available if you know where to look and find them.

Test drive some of Kim’s programs to get a feel for her unique approach to solving complex health issues which many people may have told you are impossible to resolve!

Free Adrenal Fatigue Taster Program - How to Overcome Chronic Illness Naturally

TASTER of the Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Recovery Program

In this online summit, nominated for a prestigious health excellence award, 10 experts in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (and other chronic pain and fatigue conditions) show you natural solutions for recovery.

CFS and Fibromyalgia Series
FREE Adrenal Fatigue Assessment

Adrenal Fatigue Assessment & Introductory Series

This self- assessment will help you self determine if you may be experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
– Adrenal Fatigue Assessment
– Information and articles on Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue Assessment

Adrenal Fatigue Assessment & Introductory Series

This self- assessment will help you self determine if you may be experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
– Adrenal Fatigue Assessment
– Information and articles on Adrenal Fatigue

Free 5 Levels of Healthcare

Listen to the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ Podcast Show on ITunes

Weekly podcast show on all things ‘health’. If you are looking for new and cutting-edge perspectives and solutions to a health or happiness issue, these podcasts will inspire and uplift you on your journey!

Inspirational talks and tips on how to turn illness or unhappiness into health and joy. Here is a sampling of recent episodes:

  • Kim’s interview on the ‘Talk to a Doc’ Show – the Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness
  • Accepting the Healing Journey – What to do when you feel stuck in your journey back to health
  • Emotional Digestion – Why our digestive system is designed to do much more than just digest food!
  • Secrets to overcoming Depression without Medication
  • The link between unconscious survival issues and fear around money
  • How to overcome Loneliness
  • How unconscious beliefs affect health
  • Smile your way to Inner Peace
  • The Emotional Causation of Back Pain
  • Cracking the Human Intelligence Code
  • and much more!

Transform your Life by becoming Self-Informed

Check out the LIFESTYLE PRESCRIPTIONS TV portal where you can learn how you to transform your health and wellbeing by changing how you DO your life! Kim is one of the contributing tutors and presenters. Listen, read, learn and watch the latest cutting-edge information and research on how you can take charge of your own health from the inside out!

Lifestyle Prescriptions TV PortalLifestyle Prescriptions TV Blog

Lifestyle Prescriptions for Practitioners

If you are a health practitioner and want to know how to ‘write’ Lifestyle Prescriptions, check out the training opportunities below. Learning how to deliver Lifestyle Prescriptions empowers your clients take back control of their life – it’s the ultimate way forward for sustainable healthcare in the 21st century!

Lifestyle Prescriptions for Practitioners

Mickel Therapy Programs

Mickel Therapy is an extraordinary self-help technique for clearing symptoms of chronic illness such as chronic fatigue (CFS), fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue (PVFS), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

The great thing about Mickel Therapy is that it teaches you how to do this yourself without the side-effects of medication or supplements. It also teaches you how you have a right to put yourself first without feeling guilty, how to communicate your feelings honestly without being afraid of hurting other’s feelings, and how to stop people treating you badly.

FREE Mickel Therapy Orientation

FREE Mickel Therapy Orientation Series

This free series gives an overview of all the Mickel Therapy online and private coaching options with Kim. It also includes bonus material from the ‘Introduction to Mickel Therapy with Kim’ program explaining the symptomatic cause of conditions of chronic pain and fatigue.

Orientation Series

Mickel Therapy Taster Series

12 taster lessons from the full online Mickel Therapy self help program. Learn what causes symptoms of chronic illness, the 3 habits which lead to ‘dis-ease’, why a virus is NOT the cause of CFS, ME, PVFS and other conditions, what depression really is, and much more!

Taster Series
Mickel Therapy with Kim Knight - Stop the Bullies Introduction - Free

STOP THE BULLIES Introductory Series

Learn the underlying reasons as to why people bully others, why we allow ourselves to be treated unfairly and how to put a stop to it. Once we understand what sets up the problem, and have the right solutions, we need never worry about being bullied or treated unfairly again.

Stop the Bullies

Radio Interviews with Kim

Well, well, well (health, wealth and wisdom) with Bruce Hopkins – Bruce Hopkins (aka Lord of the Rings fame) interviews Kim Knight, from the Art of Health, about true health.

Tame your Stress! Live a stress-free life – Robyn Pearce Time Management Guru interviews Kim Knight on how to look after one’s health in a busy, busy world.

Let’s talk EI – Do emotions affect our health?
Hank Clemons, EI expert, interviews Kim Knight, EQ expert in emotional health. How do emotions affect your health? Can they create physical illness? Find out in this interview.

Radio Improv: Qi, energy and the power of awe
Kim interviewed on Radio Improv with Joyologist Pat Armistead – we talk about what energy really is and how every person is a field of energy and information. What information are you carrying around in your body field?

Mickel Therapy for Stress- Chronic fatigue, Mickel Therapy, stress and the benefits of meditation
During this interview Kim discusses: Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Mickel Therapy, and Meditation.