Proof that self image and self worth ARE connected… and the real meaning of ‘inherited dis-ease’

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Dr Bradley Nelson, founder of the Emotion Code, on my global online Emotional Intelligence Series.

I was also fortunate to have him work with me on-on-one during his live interview. The plan had been to invite listeners to participate, but as no live callers came forward, I volunteered myself so people could at least experience a taste of his work either live or later during replays.

For those of you not yet familiar with Dr Nelson’s work, he helps people dissolve negative emotions trapped in the body which rewire the body into a state of pain and chronic illness. His work has helped thousands of people transform their lives, not just physically, but in all areas of life including success, relationships, finances, career and more.

Removing your HeartWall

In particular one of his signature techniques is to help people remove a so-called ‘HeartWall’, a layer of trapped energy around the heart consisting of the emotional ‘hurts’ we have experienced but not yet cleared. We unconsciously and unknowingly create so-said heartwall to protect ourselves from any further hurt, which of course makes complete sense – after all, who wants to experience heartache and pain? The problem is, whilst this self-made barrier puts up a wall to keep pain OUT of our lives, it also prevents experiences such as love, abundance and good fortune from entering IN.

As he worked with me during the call, he quickly identified low self-worth trapped in my heart wall. He also discovered using kinesiology (muscle-testing) that the emotion had been passed down from my Father’s Mother and inherited by myself (thanks Gran!). So you see, it’s not only what happens to us during our OWN life that creates trapped emotions and their consequences: without knowing it, we also take on our ancestral energetic patterns.

Inherited Dis-ease

And this, by the way, is how we can understand what it really means when we say we have an ‘inherited’ disease. What has REALLY happened is we have inherited the unresolved DIS-EASE of our ancestors. It’s so simple, and makes sense once you understand the nature of quantum physics and how everything in the world is, quite literally, just energy.

So whilst modern science and modern medicine tend to focus on genes as the driver of inherited dis-ease, we can now see there are deeper issues at play. What has actually been passed down are the thoughts, beliefs and energetic patterns of our ancestors, which are held as frequencies not only in the DNA, but in every cell of the body.

Anyway, back to the session with Dr Brad…

After identifying the trapped low self-worth, he cleared this in seconds using his Emotion Code magnet technique. This can be done either in person or remotely, which means distance is no object to healing.

As he did this I felt a tingling and cold curse through my whole body – I wasn’t expecting to feel anything, but that’s what I experienced, and I know as a therapist that energy from the past is often experienced as a cold temperature in the body. (The emotion is literally frozen at an unconscious level inside the cells so we numb ourselves from feeling the emotion tied to the memory).

Apart from this, I did not notice feeling anything else. However, over the next few weeks I did….

The Results: Self worth = Self appreciation

Whenever I looked at myself in a mirror, I started to notice a shift in the way I was seeing myself. Previously, where I would normally find things to criticize, I started to find myself more attractive.

This may not sound like anything extraordinary to some of you, perhaps you do this all the time, but not me. I have spent most of my life looking in the mirror and focusing on every flaw. It started in my teens, when I remember very distinctly at about age 13 years looking in the mirror and thinking I looked like a witch, I really thought I looked that ugly!

And no matter how slim I was, I ALWAYS thought I looked fat. In fact the slimmer I was, the fatter and uglier I thought I looked. Now when I look back at photos of myself in my 20s and 30s, it is quite apparent I was extremely attractive and slim, but ever since I can remember I never thought so when I looked at myself in photos or the mirror.

I have known for years that how we feel about ourselves and how much we genuinely love ourselves has EVERYTHING to do with how we view ourselves, both inside and out. Which is why supermodels can still think they look fat, and gorgeous women suffer from bulimia and anorexia.

However, it’s one thing to understand and even believe a theory, and quite another to have a direct, personal, living experience of it.

So I was intrigued to find myself genuinely appreciating my looks more and just knew it was connected to the session with Dr Brad.

So you could say there is a mathematic equation for self-worth:

Self-worth = Self love and Self appreciation

Low self worth = lack of self love and self appreciation

Self love = Self value

The other difference I noted was a greater valuing of the work I do. About 2 weeks after the session I woke up one day and realized ‘Geeze, the work you do really changes people’s lives and you’ve never really recognized it before’. I started to see how my ability to see through to the core of people’s problems and help them identify the real root cause of physical issues is indeed a gift, the result of years of personal life cultivation and professional training.

Other people may have already seen this in me, but until we see it ourselves it is almost meaningless! And really the internal shift that was taking place was a greater VALUING of myself as a result of clearing the low self worth, which apparently wasn’t even mine in the first place!

So I am very grateful to Dr Brad and his Emotion Code technique, and to all the teachers I have learnt from over the past 20 years who have shown me how happiness and health really do start on the inside, and how our life can change for the better when we clear our old ‘stuff’ out!

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  1. There was something about this particular presenter that stuck with me, and I’ve been wondering if you had just gone along with it since no one called. I wish I’d been able to! That webinar was 1 of the few I could listen to live. Now I’ve been reading his book and shaking my head often thinking it ridiculous that a magnet and asking the subconscious questions could be an answer to what is clearly a real issue in most peoples lives: in my own life! Powerful stuff. I’m completely new to the emotional intelligence “world”. Thank you for the summit. It was a very valuable experience for me. Happy birthday, by the way!

  2. When I listened to Dr Brad, I so appreciated hearing his life story as to how the emotion code came about. Brad felt incredibly genuine and decided to immediately order his special offer. I haven’t used it yet. So thrilled Kim that you feel an amazing inner shift, uplifted self appreciation, and no doubt greater inner peace and joy.

    Kim, you are a wonderful interviewer, no interruptions and great recapping. I expect even you may have been surprised at what a natural talent you have for this and envisage that you will host many more events. Great that people every where in the world can participate.

    1. Wow, Gail, so appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much, hope you enjoy Dr Brad’s program. Now that the event is over I’m looking forward to starting on his training.

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