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Kaleidoscope of Choices

Master your thinking because what how and what you choose in your life, creates the results which turn up as your life! (Scroll down for full details)

Law of Attraction Cafe

Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to get what you desire in all areas of your life (Scroll down for full details)

Goal setting and Visioning

Learn the art of goal setting to project your tomorrow so you can head for it today (Scroll down for full details)

Access your Genius Within

Discover and call on Your Natural Talents to Make Life More Fulfulling (Scroll down for full details)

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to Create a More Joyous, Richer Life (Scroll down for full details)

Mind Power Training

Change Your Thoughts, change your Mind, and Reap a Better Life (Scroll down for full details)

Become a Living Magnet

An introduction to the law of attraction (Scroll down for full details)

Say It Hear It

The Power of Effective Communication (Scroll down for full details)

Stress Management

Effective ways to manage stress from the inside out. (Scroll down for full details)

Turn Conflict into Harmony

Ensuring Life Harmony: Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change (Scroll down for full details)

Trainings in Detail

Become a Living Magnet

An introduction to the law of attraction

Health experts say that you are what you eat, but those who teach and promote the Law of Attraction would say instead: you are what you think. That’s because the Law of Attraction – this mysterious yet simple universal law that continues to gain awareness around the world – addresses a force that affects each of us and that is both subtle in its workings and powerful in its results.

Each and every day, it is your thoughts that draw life experiences to you, and in this way, create the reality you experience. It is your thoughts today that will create your future tomorrow. And it is your thoughts, and the emotions they generate within you, that set up the condition for what you will attract to your life, both good and bad.

But how many people even realize that in their minds they possess such a powerful tool for creating for themselves a better life for themselves and those of others?

If you are curious to know more about this amazing law that governs the universe you live in, come to this teleseminar. The Law of Attraction can fundamentally change your life and the way it unfolds for you. Don’t miss out on gaining the knowledge you need to make this law work for you!

In this training you will:
 Be introduced to the Law of Attraction and review the six key teachings that are at its core.
 See the link between two critical elements needed in order to make the Law of Attraction work and work optimally.
 Review the six things that can sabotage the Law of Attraction process, thus blocking it from working, or at least working better.
 Discover two Law of Attraction practice techniques that can help you energize what it is you desire and attract it more assuredly into your life.

Kaleidoscope of Choices

How What You Think and Choose Colors Your Life

What choices are you making for your life? Are you choosing to be happy? Are you choosing to take responsibility for your actions? How comfortable do you feel that you are making wise choices that will bring about a better life for you?

If you surveyed people, most would likely say that being able to choose is a good thing in life. Yet, those same people probably don’t realize the immense power behind this ability. Why? Because we often forget that every choice we make ends up forming our very own life circumstances.

The downside to choice is that every choice comes with consequences, and sometimes those consequences can be severe.

The upside to choice is the simple fact that to change our lives for the better, all it takes is for us to make one positive decision at a time!

With this in mind, each of us has a choice in what kind of life we want to live, and what type of person we wish to be. Despite our upbringing, or the environment we face, our lives are shaped more from the choices we make within every moment of our life than from anything else.

In this training you will learn to explore the realm of choice and see how the invisible hand of choice is fundamentally shaping and forming your life.

In this training you will…
 Recognize how choice impacts their lives at every moment of every day.
 Examine how their thoughts, both their limiting beliefs as well as what they allow their selves to imagine as possible, affect their view of choice.
 Practice holding positive thoughts which can help them with making better choices and ultimately move them forward in their lives.
 Use a simple but powerful technique to become more aware of their current circumstances and how those circumstances are being shaped by the choices they are making.

How to Get What You Desire in All Areas of Your Life

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Law of Attraction Cafe

So, what do you want in your life? Is it a relationship? A new car? Perhaps the perfect job? Whatever you want, the Law of Attraction is there to help you get it.

The Law of Attraction states you will attract into your life whatever you think about most: that your most dominant thoughts will manifest themselves into your reality.

This law is always working to give you the very things you most desire… or not, depending on your thoughts!

Now, that might sound a little crazy, but it actually makes perfect sense. The universe is just responding to the vibration you are putting out at every moment and giving you more of the same. But here’s the kicker. It doesn’t differentiate between positive or negative, and therefore it gives you what you think about regardless of its positive or negative nature.

It may at first be hard to accept that anything you want to create is possible, and that all it will take on your part is desire and belief that it will definitely be so. But that’s exactly what thousands of people have already experienced by implementing the Law of Attraction’s simple three-step process.

In this training you will discover:

 How to start getting STRONGER RESULTS in your life by using one of the most powerful tools available to us (with just a few simple instructions it’s yours to use for life)
 Step by step guidance to HARNESS THE POWER of the Law of Attraction – even if you are new to this concept or skeptical
 The 7 CRITICAL ELEMENTS needed to get the MOST from the Law of Attraction process
 The dangerous “toxins” that keep you from love, prosperity and good health, which must be eliminated!

In this training you will examine how the Law of Attraction works, and with a desire of your choosing, you will practice the Law of Attraction’s powerful manifestation method.

This training will help you evaluate what is showing up in your life, set a clear intention for what you want, and implement a simple, practical, powerful Law of Attraction process that will draw to you whatever you desire.

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Visioning & Goal Setting

Projecting Your Tomorrow & Heading for It Today

When your life comes to an end, what will you have accomplished? What will be the results of all your daily, weekly, and yearly efforts? And what about today? Do you see the remainder of your life as limitless in its potential? Do you feel you have great, untapped promise?

Sadly, most people feel they are capable of a life far more enriching then the one they are currently living.
So what’s missing? And what steers us away from what we want and makes us accomplish far less than we had hoped?

This training includes 8 activities where you will reflect, engage and deepen your understanding and learning about the significance of having a vision for your life, how to create one and what steps to take to achieve it.

By the end of this 90 minute training you will have explored what visioning is and why it’s so important. You will also look at how having a vision – a mental picture of what you desire, – is an important key to success in life. And finally, you will do some discovery around goal setting; and discover how goals can get you from where you are to where you want to be in your life.

Activate the Genius Within

Calling on Your Natural Talents to Make Life More Fulfulling

Every one of us is born with a unique set of talents. They are natural, God-given abilities that come so easily that we often overlook as ‘special’. Our talents are the core of who we are – that never-changing part of ourselves that endures despite the tumultuous nature of the world we live in.

As we go through life, we have a choice concerning our talents; and it’s a pretty big one! We can choose to struggle through life attempting to thrive in activities that really don’t align with our talents. In other words, we can ignore our talents in favor of focusing our effort on overcoming our weaknesses.

Most people believe that their greatest improvements in life will come from overcoming their weaknesses. Do you believe this? On the other hand, we can choose to be in that growing camp of people who know otherwise, those people who have chosen to honor their talents and make sure that they are making the most of them in all they do. These are the people that know that leaning into their talents rather than focusing on weaknesses turns out to be a much better use of time in the quest for happiness and fulfillment.

Of course, to use our talents first suggests that we must know what they are. Only in this way can we leverage them. So, do you know what your talents are? Do you even know how to recognize them operating in your daily life? If the answer to either of these questions is, no, this teleseminar will show you how to learn the language of your talents.

In this training you will discover how to identify your natural talents, when to know if they are in use, and how you can integrate your talents into everything you do.

This training will teach you to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. It will show you ways to identify your own natural talents, using a variety of tools and resources. The more you know your talents, the more you can build a more fulfilling life around you. So, start today!

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The Fertile Mind – Mind Power

Change Your Thoughts –
Change your Life

We most often associate the term ‘fertile’ with the land’s ability to produce an abundant crop. The term speaks to the land’s richness, its prolific nature. The same can be said of the human mind. It too, like the land, can produce an abundant harvest. The mind is, after all, just as rich and prolific as the land itself. The mind is so rich and prolific, in fact, that it is truly the source of every behavior we demonstrate and every achievement we accomplish. The simple truth is that there is no act that happens without it first being a thought created in our minds.

Since the mind and the thoughts it generates hold such an unlimited power to create, it’s important that you grow your awareness of your own thinking. Your mind and your thoughts are the single most important attribute you possess, and by mastering it can you increase your happiness and success in life. How? By managing your mind.

Believe it or not, you can choose your thoughts and manage your mind. All of us have the natural ability to refuse any thought that does not support us, and at the same time, encourage thinking that empowers us. Again, all it takes is mind management.
Mind management takes observing yourself and your thought patterns and allowing only those thoughts that are going to support you in positive ways. As you identify your thoughts, you need to begin consciously replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones. In this way, you change your life.

In this training you will learn about the human mind, its tremendous power and potential, and how it can and needs to be managed if we want to better our lives.

This training will teach you how to manage the most powerful tool you own for creating the life you want – your mind. By managing the mind’s incredible power you will be able to make any change you want in your life. But this first takes understanding the mind and the connection that exists between what you think and what you choose to act upon in your life.

In this training you will…
 Explore the power and potential that exists in the human mind.
 Review three important truths about the mind and how the way the mind operates impacts our lives.
 Recognize the need to be aware of their thoughts and how those thoughts create the reality they experience in their life.
 Examine what it takes to manage those thoughts they don’t want to be thinking.
 Practice using some simple yet highly effective mind management tools that can help them manage the negative thoughts they don’t want and change their prevalent negative thinking into productive, positive thinking instead.

Emotional Smarts

Using Emotional Intelligence to Create a More Joyous, Richer Life

It doesn’t take much to realize that our emotions, and our emotional state, have a great deal of influence on almost everything we say and do. But despite this truth, few people seem to be aware of their emotions at any given moment. Consequently, they don’t know how to handle life’s ups and downs or cope with any number of life difficulties. And they have never considered the idea that emotions are something that can be effectively managed rather than suppressed. That’s where the concept of Emotional Intelligence comes into play.

Much has been discovered in the past few decades on how our emotions play such a significant role in our everyday success. It may sound too simple, but by becoming more aware of our own emotional state at any given moment in time will we see a profound ripple effect on our daily interactions with people. Stated bluntly, there is little that equals the power of our emotions if only we are open to learning how to effectively recognize and use this powerful resource.

In this training you will learn how to enhance their emotional awareness and make emotions work for them through the concept of Emotional Intelligence. This concept can help a person build more productive relationships through a greater understanding of the impact emotions have on everyday interactions. Without such insights, even seemingly successful relationships may end up courting disaster. Emotional intelligence can provide a person with the skills that will positively impact their whole life.

In this training you will…
 Define Emotional Intelligence and be able to explain the true nature of what it means to be emotionally intelligent.
 Understand how emotions influence your thoughts and actions.
 Increase your self-awareness and explore how tuning into yourselves and becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions increases your ability to manage your emotions and relate to others.
 Raise your awareness of the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence involves learning to manage our own emotions as well as increase the connection to others. Human beings are inherently social. As they tap into this social awareness and manage their relationships, they’ll see a return benefit in being able to listen, support and empathize more with others.

Stress Management

Effective ways to manage stress from the inside out

Imagine, for a moment, driving your car through city traffic at the height of rush hour. It’s stressful. You are eager to get to your destination, yet everyone is in your way. The traffic is so bad that you begin to realize you are going to be late. You begin to think about the reactions you’re going to get when you arrive late.

As you imagine this scene, what do you notice about your physical reaction? Are you breathing shallowly? Has your heart rate increased? Have any of your muscles tightened?

Even though you are only imagining this situation, you most likely felt some sort of physical shift, even if it was the slightest change. If so, you experienced a dose of stress.

The experience of stress has become a pervasive problem that we cover up by over-working, over-eating, over-avoiding, and by using drugs and alcohol to divert us from the discomfort that exists. But what we are really struggling with is how to appropriately cope with stress. That’s what this teleseminar is for.

This teleseminar is about how you can manage the stress you experience in today’s world. It features activities and discussions that will help you explore ways to handle stressful situations as well as uncover the benefits of managing stress mindfully.

Say it Hear it

The power of effective communication

It may come as a surprise, but communicating with others is the one activity you do more than any other – except for breathing.

No doubt there’s plenty of communicating going on in your life. But how effective is it? What results does it get you? Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most potent career and personal skills you can possess, but just because you have the ability to speak doesn’t mean you are effectively speaking, and your ability to hear doesn’t mean you’re truly hearing what someone else is saying to you.

In this training you will learn powerful techniques to be better speakers and listeners by discovering more about:

What is it that we are really looking for when we communicate with each other? What gets in the way of our communication and how to overcome it? And what’s essential in all communication interactions?

Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change

Turn Conflict into Harmony

Conflict can arise over the slightest thing and then escalate into a major confrontation between individuals. There’s a reason for all the headache and stomach medicine ads airing on television at dinner time each night. In a face-paced world, conflict can take its toll. Participants in this training will gain awareness for the causes of conflict, what prevents conflict, and what can help to resolve it.

In this training you will reflect, engage and deepening your learning about what contributes to conflict and its resolution and how to live more harmoniously with everyone in your life .

By the end of the training, you will be able to recognize what contributes to conflict and what contributes to its resolution. You will also be able to explain how personal behaviors fuel the conflicts we find ourselves in and discover your preferred method for dealing with conflict. Such awareness will support you in moving past conflict, resolving it, and creating positive change as an outcome of any conflict situation.

The benefits of this training include:
 How we define conflict, and what key elements are at play in all conflict.
 Explore how our limiting beliefs can perpetuate conflict in our lives.
 Learn to recognize the potential for disagreements and how handle properly
to avoid conflict.
 Discover how our personal behaviors fuel the conflicts we find ourselves in.
 Discover our preferred method for dealing with conflict
 Learn a practical tool for creating a better outcome in conflict situations.

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