Love and nurturing creates happy, healthy small intestines

By Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, Auckland, New Zealand

One of the greatest benefits of doing the Universal Healing Tao (UHT) meditations is how amazing they are at transforming emotional energy, even if you don’t know what the emotions are.

As you may know, repressed and unresolved emotions sit in the cells until they are moved or transformed, and if left there can build up to become illness. Everytime I do a UHT meditation I also get wonderful insights that bubble up from within. It is these insights that bring one a true understanding of the reason for doing these meditations.

Today I had a wonderful experience with Fusion: I was practicing Fusion of the Five Elements as taught to me by my amazing teacher Gilles Marin, who teaches how to make a connection with the archetypal forces of nature and draw those forces in to cleanse and replenish the elemental forces within the body. I just love his Fusion techniques!

Whilst connecting with the archetypal element of Fire, which relates to the Heart and Small Intestine organs, I recognised for the first time how love and nurturing (the qualities of the heart) are essential for good digestive Fire. For a while now, I have been working on why my metabolism is so slow, and I really understood as I did the meditation today how lack of nurturing and love when you are young can hinder the small intestines from functioning properly.

I also realized that the more we clear out negative emotions from the organs, the more we become the archetype of the element of that organ. Thus, as I clear out pain from my heart, it is filled with the archetypal energy of love.

So next time you are doing the Inner Smile or Fusion and connecting with your heart energy, remember to connect with the paired organ of the small intestines, and as you do I am sure you will be sending loving energy to your stomach and small intestines, and inhancing the ability of your body to digest and use your food well!

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