Is CFS caused by a virus? Letter to the NY Times

By Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, Auckland, New Zealand

Is the Earth round or flat? Reality can take a while to be accepted.

Yet again the medical community is publicising research which proposes that Chronic Fatigue is caused by a virus. Whilst it is true that a virus is often present in people with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, what seems to be ongoingly missed is the events that have happened in a person’s life before the virus took hold.

Here is my letter to the NY Times (which they didn’t publish, maybe because it doesn’t match their story?) Dr Mickel has always maintained that a virus is not the initial cause of Chronic Fatigue – check out Dr Mickel’s explanation again on the underlying causes of Chronic Fatigue in the video below. And if you want to read the NY Times article, see the link at the bottom of this blog.

“It seems to me that the medical community is still stuck on focusing on a virus being the CAUSE of Chronic Fatigue. Yes, we know there is often a virus present in Chronic Fatigue, but maybe the virus is actually a red herring.

Maybe it’s time to ask the question WHY has the person’s immune system been weakened enough in the first place to enable the virus to take hold? After listening to the life history of numerous chronic fatigue clients, there is little doubt in my mind that their immune / endocrine system has become compromised over time as a result of a number of factors, in particular traumatic life events and, more to the point, how these events were perceived and dealt with (or not), at the time. How one deals with or responds to these events then leads to certain habits, behaviours and stress patterns being set in place.

At a quantum level, cumulative stress from difficult life events affect all levels of a person’s being. Cellular integrity is compromised resulting in chemical changes at a physiological level.  Usually, people with Chronic Fatigue will come to discover, upon deeper investigation and understanding, that their body’s nervous system is in a perpetual state of stress (sympathetic mode), from where it is difficult, nigh, impossible to heal from.

It is only when we look at the body-mind of a person as a whole that we can ever start to truly understand Chronic Fatigue and what is actually required to heal. What people really need to do is understand WHAT it is that has happened in their life which has brought them to this point .  And more importantly, what it is that they are still doing now which is keeping their body in a perpetual state of stress. This requires work and commitment, and a true understanding of healing, (becoming whole) rather just fixing or curing symptoms.

Unfortunately, having people contemplate a different perspective on this subject seems to be a bit like telling someone who thinks the world is flat that it is actually round. And we all know how long it took for that misperception to be cleared up! The first postulators of that theory were considered insane. However, for those people who understand their life history and how every little thing that happens to them during their life affects them on a physiological and psychological level, they will agree that the cause of their Chronic Fatigue goes far deeper than a virus”.

Link to article in NY Times ‘Virus is found in many with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’

See the video below for Dr Mickel’s explanation on the underlying causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.


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