How do you go from 10 years chronically ill, 12 months bed bound and near death to fully alive?

Read Fleur’s story of how Mickel Therapy, literally, gave her back her life… And check out the upcoming Mickel Therapy public events in Australia this April further down

GT 29 Mar 2014

For the first time EVER there will be a Mickel Therapy public talk, public workshop and practitioner training in Australia in April 2014:

Public talk: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia – The Long Awaited Cure… 

An opportunity to find out more… A once-only opportunity to meet two of the world’s most experienced Mickel Therapists During this evening talk you will learn:

  • How Mickel Therapy was created
  • What conditions Mickel Therapy can help overcome
  • Explanation of exactly how and why the body creates symptoms of pain and fatigue
  • How Mickel Therapy can show you how to eradicate symptoms of chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more
  • Why a virus is NOT the cause of chronic fatigue but how and why so many people experience a virus and then GET chronic fatigue
  • The secret of how Mickel Therapy can reduce and eradicate serious physical symptoms without medication!
  • 3 tips you can use right now to reduce pain or fatigue and start bringing yourself back to health
  • and much more…


The Keys to Health’ – One Day Workshop

Prevent Illness, Remove Symptoms, Optimize your Wellbeing!

A once-only opportunity to work with two of the world’s most experienced Mickel Therapists! During this one day hands-on workshop we will cover 3 core elements of health:

Illness Prevention

We will look at what creates illness and therefore what we need to do to prevent illness occurring in the first place! Yes, it is possible! How good would that be to know exactly how to prevent yourself from getting ill? We will look at: How and why the body creates symptoms of pain and fatigue The 3 most common behaviours which inadvertently lead to symptoms! and much more!

Symptom Removal

Mickel Therapy has an amazingly simple hands-on and practical tecnique for reducing symptoms. You will learn: The core factors which contribute to the creation of illness and what to do to bring yourself back to health without medication or supplements The foundational exercise of Mickel Therapy – the Keys to Health – to start immediately reducing pain or fatigue and much more!

Optimize your Health!

Not only do the Mickel Therapy techniques reduce and eradicate symptoms, they also help us to maintain and optimize our health once we are well again. Since its inception in the 90’s, it has become quite clear that anyone can use the Mickel Therapy techniques to maintain and optimize their health. You will learn: What to do on a daily basis to maintain and optimize your health so you can live a happier, rewarding and more fulfilled life. Skills, tools and knowledge you may never have been taught elsewhere on how to take charge of your own health and wellbeing and much more!


5 Day Mickel Therapy Practitioner Training

Specialist Practitioner Training for Chronic Illness Recovery

  • Practitioners – would you like to expand the health conditions you work with in your practice?
  • Do you have clients with chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue or fibromyalgia but find it difficult to help them?
  • And do you know how to teach clients to eradicate symptoms of irritable bowel, insomnia, anxiety and depression?
  • Would you like to learn an advanced method for identifying and rectifying the root cause of chronic illness?
  • How would it be if you knew exactly how to guide people to recover from a variety of long-term illness?
  • Or do you just want to consolidate your Mickel Therapy skills after learning and using them for yourself?

Find out more HERE:

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