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Free ‘Secrets to Health’ Webinar / Facebook Live

Join me each week for my FREE weekly online web training. Each week we will cover an important health topic which can help you transform your world from the inside out. Sign up below to get the weekly reminder with the time and training topic.

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Training Topics for the Weekly Webinar / Facebook Live:

Each week we will look at a topic on health and wellbeing. Here are some of the topics we cover:

How to use your multiple brains
Your 8 Intelligences
Levels of Human Development
Why stress is harmful and unnatural
The importance of the first 7 years
The 5 steps to eradicating stress
The hidden causes of illness
How to understand the Laws of Health
Primary and Secondary Emotions
How to deal with hopelessness
The effects of gratitude on health
Why blocking emotions creates exhaustion and pain
How to eradicate guilt
Anatomy of a nervous breakdown
The consequences of losing trust
How your body communicates to you without words
How to choose the right therapy and therapist
How to overcome pessimism
How to recognise hidden perfectionism
The connection between self value and abundance
The dangers of ‘imagined reality’
The secret beneath sulking
The surface and the deep of things
The stress-regeneration cycle
Why symptoms and illness are healthy
Understanding the healing response
The myth about the virus
Glass ceilings on happiness
The secret to transforming emotions
The four stages of learning
How to deal with bullies
The consequences of birth trauma
How to become your own best friend
The consequences of childhood neglect and abuse
The law of cause and effect
Why resisting emotions is futile
Projection as a way to understand ourselves
Lessons in self value
The 3 reasons for procrastination
Why normal is not always natural
How to turn ‘I should’ into ‘I could’
How to manage boredom
and more!
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Monthly Online Mini Workshops

Monthly Mini Online Workshops with Kim

Join me once a month for 2 hours where you will learn transformational techniques for managing and mastering your health and happiness without medication or supplements.

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Training Topics for the Monthly Mini Online Workshop:

Each month we will deep dive into a topic so that you have the opportunity to learn practical, hands-on tools and strategies for transforming pain, unhappiness and illness back into health and authentic happiness. Here are a selection of topics:

How to overcome loneliness
How to manage and overcome anger with ease
How to clear hurt and disappointment with ease
How to train your abdominal brain
How to tap into your 3 brains for better decision-making
How to never have to feel guilty again
The 50 main causes of illness
How to heal your inner wounded child
How to stop worrying yourself sick
Relearning to trust yourself and others again
How to stop others bullying you or treating you badly
How to stop beating yourself up and putting yourself down
How to stop hopelessness
How to grow authentic self love, self esteem and self worth
How to have healthy work-life balance
How to stop pessimism and WCST (worst-case-scenario-thinking)
How to stop the perfection habit
How to manage and eradicate fear
How to dissolve almost any emotion in seconds
How to identify and differentiate emotions inside your body
How to grow self compassion
How to eradicate stress
How to sleep well
Keys to emotional digestion
How to stop the physical consequences of emotional constipation
and more!
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Anytime Online Home Study Programs

Anytime Online Programs

Home study, self-paced courses you can enroll in any time to transform your world from the inside out. Covering a range of topics including emotional healing, chronic illness recovery, stress eradication and more.

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