Private Coaching with Kim – how it works

Cutting edge solutions to overcome the toughest of health challenges

Since 2006 I have worked with hundreds of clients, assisting them to overcome all sorts of issues including chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional trauma and more (Client Success Stories).  If you are currently stuck, in overwhelm or in a life crisis, then you’re in the right place!

Working together always begins with a Kiwi Health Detective (KHD) Breakthrough Session after which you will continue on with a tailor-made program to suit your specific circumstances.

There are two types of KHD Breakthrough Session depending on whether you are wanting to work on a health issue or a specific life challenge:

  1. A ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ HEALTH breakthrough session where we isolate the root cause of a physical health condition or set of symptoms
  2. A ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ LIFE breakthrough session where we investigate the cause of any other life issue which is plaguing you, such as blocks to success, difficulty in relationships,problems at work, challenges with people treating you badly or more

Step 1 – Kiwi Health Detective Breakthrough Session

In the space of just 90 minutes you are likely to discover what you may have spent years searching for.

Whilst most people often find their way to me initially for help with a chronic health condition, your challenge may also be in an area of your life such as health, relationshipcareer, financial…

What is interesting is most life issues have the same root!

Imagine a tree with roots going deep into the ground, with many branches and leaves above the ground.  Then imagine each branch is a different area of your life (health, relationship, career, children, partner, finances, pleasure-leisure time etc).

Maybe some branches are looking quite healthy, whilst others are withering and dying, or maybe the whole tree looks like it’s on its last legs. Whilst it may look like each branch is separate, they all have one thing in common: they all connect into the trunk, and grow out from that trunk. The trunk in turn is connected invisibly underneath the ground to the roots. This is where the tree began it’s life – at the roots.

When we work together you will discover how the real cause of any unhappiness or health issues start at the roots, and this is what we reveal in our first foundation session.

Just like we cannot mend a broken car or stove without knowing why it’s broken, we must first of all have a very clear understanding of what is causing the problem. Even if you have tried many other avenues, if you are still experiencing problems, then there must be missing pieces, and this is what we discover in this first session.

By the end of this foundation session you will…

  1. Understand the absolute root cause of your health or life challenge. Once we understand the cause of a problem we can apply a solution. Learning what is causing your symptoms or unhappiness issue can be a huge relief in itself, and is the first step in turning things around.
  2. Experienced my coaching style so that you know whether it feels right to continue on into a fully personalised coaching program.

At the end of the foundation session, I will explain further options for working together in a tailor-made program. This may include the use of one or more online home study programs, and sometimes it may just involve an online home study program.

We are all unique individuals with very individual needs, and I am here to help you find what is right for you.

Get started with a Kiwi Health Detective Breakthrough Session

Your first Kiwi Health Detective Breakthrough Session is where it all starts. Sessions are all held remotely anywhere in the world via phone or Skype. The first step is to fill in a few details…

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Step 2 – Tailor-made Transformational Solutions

Personal Coaching

By the end of your FOUNDATION SESSION, now that you have a clear idea of what is causing the problem, and an understanding of what is needed to resolve it, I will be able to advise you on the best course of action specifically for you.

We are all unique individuals and I will tailor-make a route to recovery for you to fit your specific needs and budget. Please know that there is always an answer, we just need the right guidance to find our way up a mountain which we may never have climbed before. I can help you!

The first step is to apply to work together:

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You have given me my life back!

“I feel like I have just been handed the keys to life. You have unlocked the whole key to my life!” Comment from a client one week after her first session, symptom-level reduced from 7 to nearly 0 (out of 10), after months off work and her doctors saying they didn’t know how to help her.